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Pricing Your Ergonomics Services 

Join a recorded roundtable event to discuss pricing tactics and techniques that work for ergonomics consultants, covering topics such as hourly vs value-based rates and presenting services to encourage action.

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BCPE Masterclass

Find out more information about Ergonomics Certification with Gene Kay, president of the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics. 

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Ergonomics Services For Corporate

You can get access to this free training and learn about the other types of services that you offer Corporate Employers, with Metriks Education.

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Ergonomic Equipment Showdown  

In this FREE Training join Camille Fraser from ErgoMania to find out about the latest ergonomic mice that are on the market today!

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Get The Latest Research on Sit-Stand Desks   

Watch this recorded webinar about the literature on sit-stand desks.

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Sedentary Behavior & Ergonomics. 

Watch this FREE training and get valuable insights about how you as an Ergonomics expert can navigate the workplace and provide the best solutions to your clients that minimize sedentary postures and behaviors. 

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