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Get Started With Office Ergonomics Assessments

Healthcare professionals are looking to office ergonomics as an in-demand service, especially as a side hustle. This FREE training gives healthcare professionals the complete start-from-scratch, step-by-step process to absolutely CRUSH office ergonomics assessments. Taught by a Board Certified Ergonomist with 15+ years of ergonomics assessments. Click the button below to learn more about this training:

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Sedentary Behavior & Ergonomics. 

We all know that limiting sedentary activities is the best for our clients. But, what's the best way to share this? This FREE training gives you valuable insights to share with your clients including cognition improvements, social influences to taking breaks, back stiffness, scare tactics, physical activity program effectiveness, and new tactics to get results. Click the button below to sign up today:

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Ergonomics Service Providers: How Much Should You Charge?

Curious about pricing for ergonomic assessments/reports? Get typical pricing that is normally followed including travel guidelines and other tips from Practicing Ergonomics Service Providers to help you #WIN! Click the button below to sign up:

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Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics - Application Process Masterclass

Thinking about pursuing BCPE Certification? Well, it can be a confusing route. So, what could be better than the president of the BCPE, Gene Kay, walking you through it with some AWESOME tips that can save you time and money? Click the button below to sign up and get immediate access:

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Get The Latest Research on Sit-Stand Desks   

Watch this FREE recorded webinar to get up to speed with sit-stand desk research. Topics include alternative sit-stand workstation designs, heart rate benefits, training to improve compliance, standing tolerance, and sit-stand-walk interventions. Unlock the valuable insights that you can share with your clients today, just click the button below to sign up for this training:

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Ergonomic Equipment Showdown  

Do you feel like there are SO MANY different types of ergonomic mice available on the market today, that it feels like it will take up all your free time to learn the ins and outs of each? This can not only impact the quality of solutions you offer clients but it can also negatively affect your bottom line. Click the button below to sign up for this training: 

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Ergonomics Services For Corporate

Think that Ergonomics (like training and risk assessments) is the ONLY solution for your corporate clients? Think again! With the understanding that you have with ergonomics learn about all the other in-demand and valuable services that you can offer your corporate clients today! Just click the button below to sign-up: 

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