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Healthcare professionals are looking to office ergonomics as an in-demand service, especially as a side hustle. When getting started, these are the top 3 things that really help:

βœ… Ergonomics isn’t a regulated healthcare profession and providing customers with quality solutions is a must. Invest in "how to" ergonomics assessment programs because your customers will quickly find out just how experienced you are.
βœ… Just because you offer ergonomics services doesn’t mean that customers will be knocking on your door.
βœ… There's a variety of value-added ergonomics services that you can offer. However, when you are first starting out, keeping it simple is a must.

There's an extremely small overhead to get started with office ergonomics assessments; it really just requires a tape measure and a computer.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, I’ve been in the ergonomics industry for more than 15 years now, mentored hundreds of healthcare professionals and ergonomics consultants and I’ve seen a few things that set successful ergonomics businesses apart from the rest:

> They offer their customers more than just “simple” office ergonomics assessments.
> They solve complex problems for their customers.
> They offer ongoing services and annual planning to mitigate risk and enhance employee wellness and well-being.

This is where I can help you. I don’t just teach you how to do an effective office ergonomics assessment. I show you how to apply this to corporate clients so that you can make more money and grow your ergonomics consulting business.

πŸ’₯“Darcie hands over everything that you need to be successful in office ergonomics assessments on a platter!” MarlaπŸ’₯

Serious about getting started with office ergonomics assessments or getting paying clients for your own ergonomics services? 

Be sure to check out the "online programs" section that can help you with the next steps in your ergonomics journey, whether you are just getting started with office ergonomics assessments or want to grow your ergonomics consulting business.

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The Business of Ergonomics Podcast 

How do I get started with ergonomics? How do I find paying clients? What type of services should I be offering? These are just some of the big questions that Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Darcie Jaremey digs into with the Business of Ergonomics Podcast. Each episode is designed to get you to take immediate action.

You can listen to the latest episode here.


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