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Ergonomics. Is. Awesome. 

BUT... Who is Darcie Jaremey?

I'm the founder of ergonomicsHelp.com. I'm a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist (BCPE) with over a decade of experience. Through the administration of countless assessments in both private and public sectors, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and built a successful practice in the field of ergonomics that I share with you either in my weekly blogposts or through really specific trainings that help you get the right information to up your ergonomics game.  

Throughout my career, I've been responsible for a variety of deliverables, including large-scale office ergonomics assessments, injury prevention programs and management, educational presentations, return-to-work assessments, and job coaching. This all have given me oodles of experience that I just can't wait to share with you.

So, if whether you are new to ergonomics and you want to learn more, or you've been at this for awhile, there is something of value I can certainly offer you.

Get yourself familiar with ergonomicsHelp.com!

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Again, welcome to ergonomicsHelp.com. It's a privilege that I can share this information with you. 

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