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Meet Darcie Jaremey, founder of ergonomicsHelp.

Welcome! My name is Darcie, the Board Certified Ergonomist (via the BCPE) behind ergonomicsHelp and The Business of Ergonomics Podcast.

Looking for quality ergonomics resources designed for what actually works in the real world?

Well, you've got the right place with  these 3 highly-rated programs: 

The Master Your Ergonomics, Do-It-Yourself program shows you how to adjust your workstation, by yourself without the need to buy expensive or new equipment. 

The Ergonomics Blueprint gives you the exact step-by-step process to do office ergonomics assessments. 

The Accelerate: Business of Ergonomics Program gives you the step-by-step process, resources, and support so that you can stand out from your competition and get more leads that turn into customers. 

You can check out more information just by going here.

The Business of Ergonomics Podcast 

How do I get started with ergonomics? How do I find paying clients? What type of services should I be offering? These are just some of the big questions that Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Darcie Jaremey digs into with the Business of Ergonomics Podcast. Each episode is designed to get you to take immediate action.

You can check it out here!


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