Use This Winning Strategy to Attract More Clients to Your Ergo Biz

Success without good marketing is impossible for any ergonomics consulting business—and promotion is one of the main processes in marketing. In this post, I’m going to share a practical approach that you can use right now to help you position your services in a way that will attract your ideal client's attention and close the sale. It’s a really useful system if you’re looking to grow your ergonomics consulting business. Read on to find out how you can leverage the power of promotions into your offers. I’m also going to talk about the importance of creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, the features vs. benefits of your services, and how to position your services on a value ascension or value ladder.

Promotional Marketing

One of the major opportunities that I think many Ergonomics Consultants miss is the idea of promotions. Promotions are a marketing staple because they have urgency and scarcity baked into the offer. Promotion in itself is something that doesn’t come all the time, so it's not always available. And when they're available, there's usually an offer of something exceptional that’ll convince your prospects to move forward with you. When done right, your promotions can move your potential customers from the awareness stage into the action stage. It could be that they will move forward to invest in one of your services or your programs, or they just want to join your email list so they can learn more about what you do. Both reasons are a really good way to be looking at the opportunity in your business.

Promotional Goals

Promotions are designed to provide information, convince, or remind your audience of your services. So when you make a promotional offer to your list and in your marketing campaigns, you want to make people either sign up to your email list or buy your services. But keep in mind that sometimes your audience may take many more touches than just one promotion to go from prospect to client. It’s really the long haul when we're talking about marketing. It also goes hand in hand with how much you fine-tuned your messaging so that it connects with the needs, values, and limiting beliefs of your ideal clients. People won’t take notice of your promotion unless you present effective messaging that attracts your target audience and convinces them to want to learn more about what you’re offering.

Map Out Your Services

There are a lot of promotions that you can offer your prospects and your clients. You can get their attention not only with one type of service, but also with the way you market that service. But before you make any promotion, I recommend that you map out your customer journey first. There's a lot of interpretations to what exactly customer journey means, but what I mean is that I would love for you to map out your services. And it’s very simple to do. You might have heard the term client ascension or value ladder before. Now, what I want you to do is to list all the services that you offer to your clients or want to offer them, and arrange them from lower to higher price. 

“Facts tell, but stories sell.” That’s one thing to consider here. Have you ever noticed that really great marketing campaigns will tell their audience WHY their product is so amazing? The same is true about what you offer. You must literally tell your audience why your services are so valuable, why it increases their revenue, and why they need to invest in it right now. So to successfully appeal to your target audience, it's important that you highlight the value of what your services can offer.

Features vs. Benefits of Your Services

One common misconception with Ergonomics Consultants developing their services is that they believe that if they stick to the features of their services, the user will understand its value. However, most of what we do is complete jargon to the end user, whether or not they have had experience with ergonomics assessments in the past. 

So what we want to do is, as much as possible, translate our services. You can include the features of your services (descriptive factors about what you offer), which in an ergonomics assessment can be 15 or 30 minutes long. But the trick of this is shifting to the benefits. This is such a low-hanging fruit, and there's so much value in just doing this simple switch. A really simple switch to get the benefits out of your features and the services that you’re selling is adding the term “so that.” With that, your clients will be able to understand why they should be moving forward with this amazing product or service immediately. 

Your client ascension model will tie to your customer journey. I believe, for many of us, it will look like a triangle. So you have your client ascension model or value ladder of how your clients can go from getting to know you, to buying your services, then to getting really detailed advice from you. After you state the benefits, you should also emphasize the urgency and scarcity. 

Scarcity and Urgency Tactics

Now, I love the idea of incorporating urgency and scarcity tactics into the offer. A sense of urgency pushes people to act swiftly. Scarcity triggers anxiety for losing an exceptional offer if they don’t act promptly or within a limited time. I strongly advise everyone, especially those who are members of my Accelerate program, to have these tactics baked into your offer. Otherwise, your prospects will put off taking action, which usually means that they won’t move forward with your promotion. If you keep your offers open all the time with no call to action and no sense of urgency, there’s not going to be action on your side. Chances are, they’re going to forget it even if your services might’ve been good for them. 

Your promotions can be sprinkled throughout the year to get the attention and action in your services. You can structure your offers  all through the year and make various ways to sell your services. To do that, you need to be really clear on what your services are, what benefits are in store for them, and what the features mean for them as well. Make sure that you also fully understand who your ideal client avatar is. They could be a self-employed person just interested in the ergonomics of their own workstation, or they could be someone working in human resources. So by putting yourself in their shoes, you’ll be able to use convincing words and call-to-actions that piques their interests.

Summing Up

There you have the useful and practical system that you can implement right away. Again, to recap the 3-part system: 1. you need a reason to start the promotion; 2. use the tactics of scarcity and urgency for your promotion; 3. tie that promotion to your ascension or value ladder. 

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