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Discover this Step-by-Step Formula that Ergonomics Experts Swear By!
Find Out How to Add Value and Income Using Office Ergonomic Assessments

This training shows you how to: 

  • Leverage all those years of schooling and experience with a new service.

  • Avoid one BIG mistake (plus many others) when you're first starting out.

  • Get started with marketing your service, so you can get your first assessment even if there are other ergonomists.

  • Fill your 'gaps' and have services that you clients need, want, and desire. 

  • + Much more including free gifts just for attending!

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Darcie Jaremey MSc, is a Board Certified Ergonomist (BCPE). She's taught hundreds of Healthcare Professionals how to do quality office ergonomic assessments. In this training she's sharing the exact steps that she uses for every ergonomic assessment.


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