There's something standing between Ergonomists and reaching as many people as possible. 


I get it. Marketing can feel like an endless hamster wheel of new apps and endless things to do. Let's narrow down if this for you. If you've ever: 

  • Dreaded the idea of cold calling clients, 
  • Wished that you had a script, or
  • Wondered how you go about landing clients that you love working with.

This post is for you. There's still so much opportunity in ergonomics, even in times like these.

The biggest shift that I believe stands between those who WANT to get new clients and those who are already doing it is that they need to let go of something... specifically these top misconceptions that I'm going to share below. Let's dive into this post. 

PS: If you are interested in improving your ergonomic marketing skills head to the bottom of this post! I have something special to share with you! 

The TOP 5 Misconceptions about Marketing Ergonomics

1. There's Already TOO MANY Ergonomists In My City 

Car buyers have an over-abundance of options when purchasing a vehicle yet that's never stopped car dealerships from being all over town. (Note: You can check the competition in your area by simply doing a google search for Ergonomics + Your City.) 

perceived over-saturation in a competitive marketplace is what holds many Ergonomists from even starting marketing their services. When there's a lot of competition in your area, it actually means that the market is sophisticated, not saturated! In a sophisticated market, our prospects already have more than a base-level of understanding about Ergonomics.

In competitive markets, this sophistication should be reflected in our messaging.

2. I Either Need To Be A "Marketing Expert" Or Hire Someone Who Is

Have you ever thought that marketing should be left to the professionals? Well, I thought this too when I first started out.

Being a ninja-marketing "expert" would certainly help your reach but getting that expert to work with you will cost a lot of money upfront or after you start getting results. And, it's this that stops many Ergonomists from even starting. 

Not marketing your services is like playing the game of "broken telephone" and expecting someone to relay your message for you. 

If you can remember how this game is played, someone starts a phrase and whispers it to their neighbour until it returns to the originator. It always surprised me on how easily that message changes from beginning to end. The same is true with sharing  your messaging.

What's the alternative to not moving forward in your marketing? The worst case scenario would be throwing in the towel and going back to the workforce to get a job. Instead of growing your business, you'd be helping someone else build theirs. Say goodbye to the freedom to make your own schedule, ergonomic reports the way you want to do them, and design services as you see fit. 

Many Ergonomists choose to work for themselves because they are TIRED of success being taken away from them and going to someone else. 

If you're waiting for that *perfect time* to get started there's actually a really weird thing that I want to share with you (that could blow your mind): 

THE *PERFECT TIME* doesn't exist. 

There'll ALWAYS be distractions, commitments, and "less-than-optimal" market conditions.

The best time to start is NOW. Go... take that imperfect action. Learn while you're in action and try new things.   

I've learned the hard way that it's 1000000x better to take imperfect and consistent action instead of waiting until you learn ALL THE THINGS. What really works for me is to Learn Something New THEN Implement.

My point is that you DON'T need a PhD in marketing to get started. You just need to start.

(mind blown)  🤯

3. I'm Waiting Until I Have All My Ergonomic Services Figured Out Before I Start 

You don't need to have all your ducks in a row... aka your specific ergonomic services figured out before you can start helping your clients. 

In fact, not having all your services "fully developed" prior to talking to your prospects may actually be a good thing. 

I know, I know, it's a very different opinion, but hear me out. 

When you're talking to any prospect, the golden rule is to listen more than you talk. You can dive deep to what their problems, challenges, and pain points are. You'd be amazed that selling "just one or two" services is actually limiting to both the help that you can offer prospects and the revenue that you can bring in as a consultant. 

Listening and learning where your clients issues and concerns are and then tailoring your services to these issues is a huge leveraging point to you. 

4. If I Don't Make The Sale Off One Interaction, I Will Seem Annoying

Rarely will you get a client after just one interaction. In reality it can take anywhere between 7 and 13 interactions.

This means that consistency is key. Yet, it's so under-rated. Many will quit adding value to their prospects because they feel like they seem annoying.

But here's the thing, sometimes we're not exactly sure what stage our prospects are in it comes to making a decision in buying our services. Sometimes it could take a month, half a year, or even 2 years for us to land a client. 

To mediate this time investment having funnel system full of prospects at various stages of readiness to buy from you and automating the process is a considerable help.

Here's a really great example:

  • Person A: Goes to the gym and trains 2 times/week.
  • Person B: Trains 4 times/week. 

If Person A stays consistent for 3 months while Person B doesn't, then Person A will make more progress. 

The same is true with turning prospects into clients. It takes time.

Consistency of routine is critical for long-term success as an Ergonomist.

5. I Need To Be An Expert Ergonomist Before I Start

I want to redefine what we all believe to be have subject matter expertise.

Of course you *MUST* be competent and knowledgeable (my disclaimer). If you're interested in learning HOW to do office ergonomic assessments I have a new free training that shows you exactly how to get started. To find a time to watch it, just click here

I have a question for you:

  • Does your client want someone to guide and connect with them solutions?
  • Or do they want an expert in the theoretical side of ergonomics?

From my experience, they need someone to guide and connect them with solutions. 

You'll take the biggest strides forward in becoming an ergonomics expert by literally getting more and more assessments, trainings, and consultations completed. 

Next Steps 

I think that there is SO much potential for Ergonomists that both have a marketing system and then takes action with that system.

What's the alternative to this? When you think of yourself 12 months from now taking the same actions that you're taking today, what could it be costing you? 

  • ... all the revenue that you're losing by not landing those high-paying clients
  • ... all the frustration and stress, trying to do ALL the social media posts while avoiding ALL the cold calls. 

Successful entrepreneurs have proved that to get the success you've always dreamed of, you simply cannot wait until things are in your comfort zone - you have to step out of your comfort zone to grow.

For these very reasons, I'm SO excited to be sharing some details of my program where I help other Ergonomists Up-Level their marketing, sales, and ergonomics systems to get the income, clients, and work-life balance they've always desired. 

To learn more about this program and join the waitlist (I only open enrolment a few times a year) just click this link here

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