remote ergonomics May 07, 2020

In a blink of an eye, Healthcare and Rehab Professionals careers shifted. No longer could we serve our clients in clinics, at their workspaces, or even at their homes.

It's not doom and gloom here.

There's a really famous saying from Zig Ziglar:

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. 

With that in mind, there's two clear options for anyone struggling in these times:

  1. Netflix binge on the latest new series, take up a new hobby, or even try out a new exercise, or  
  2. Learn a new skill. 

Yesterday, I was told a very interesting statistic. Research shows that 69% of people are using this time to develop a new skill and 57% of people are pursuing a new passion. 

While I'm certainly not against taking time to reflect and rejuvenate, I think that there's a huge opportunity to learn a value-added skill that will be in demand from employers when the economy gets back to normal. 

Even better would be if this skill can generate income for you NOW!

Getting Started

It's never been a better time to lean into Remote office ergonomic assessments. If nothing else but to build your client list so you can have way more opportunity when the economy gets back to normal by putting in the time to build relationships with your ideal clients now.

After all, people will always buy from people they know, like, and trust. 

Let's take a step back here. To get to the point to do really effective remote ergonomics services you must first learn how to do a really effective office ergonomic assessments.


Well, learning the ergonomics process is key. Not ONLY for doing quality remote ergonomics assessments, training, and consultations, but leveraging this knowledge into other deliverables that clients need, want, and desire!

As you know I teach a step-by-step system on how to do office ergonomic assessments and thereby remote office ergonomic assessments.

If you want to learn more about if ergonomics is aligned with your professional goals, be sure to check out this free training. 

Remote Ergonomics Assessments 

With some employees rolling into their 8th week at home, there's no wonder that I've seen an increase in reported discomfort.

It's no longer a matter of if an injury will occur, it's a matter of when it will.

Employees are working under non-ideal conditions for 40+ hours a week and they are LOOKING for solutions to their developing aches and pains. 

Types of Services 

There's a variety of services that you can offer clients and employers including some of the ones that I show you below.

When you start to offer clients remote ergonomic services you'll start to notice that there is certainly a volume difference. The majority of services provided will likely be general ergonomic "work from home" trainings.

I find what works best when you're doing presentations, stick to quick-wins that the employee can put into place that won't require significant funds.

There's going to be different levels of need with your client. There's a variety of services that you may want to offer your client and the best way forward is to do a thorough needs or gap analysis first.

Here are some factors that would increase the level of need:

  • Open Workers' Compensation claims 
  • Non-compensable concerns (for instance if someone injured their back over the weekend)
  • Long-term discomfort concerns 
  • Specific equipment requirement or a specific setup that was used in the office 
  • Any sort of extra attention or service  

Remote Ergonomic Solutions 

Creativity is a huge value-add and making suggestions with equipment that they would already have at home and recommending creative work arrangements and rotations will be key. 

Albeit there are two non-negotiables when it comes to working from home and using a laptop for an extended period of time - an external keyboard and mouse. 

Next Steps 

It's never been a better time to learn how to do office ergonomic assessments. You can learn a revenue-generating and in-demand service by applying the principles that you already know. 

To discover if ergonomics is right for you, click this link and watch my latest training that gives you all the details you need to get started. 

This is a time-saving and valuable training that I highly encourage you to watch if you've ever been curious about what ergonomics could do for your career! 


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