In school or via the courses we invested in, we were taught all of the necessary skills on how to do ergonomics, but never how to market. This is why many Ergonomic Professionals have trouble getting clients that they love working with.

Maybe you’re already seeing clients regularly, but wouldn’t it be better to have a stable flow of new clients and to have more opportunities of expanding your revenue?

Well, marketing is the secret key that allows us to do more of what we want to do and keep our business going. So, what’s the best way to communicate our message to our ideal clients? We’re not marketers, yet to do what we want to do professionally, we almost have to become an expert marketer in order to be at the top of our business. We need to have a strong strategy to be able to successfully market our business, because word-of-mouth is only going to take us so far. 

Organic Marketing: Target and Reach Your Ideal Client

One of the major benefits of marketing your ergonomic business online is that by going the organic route, you’ll be able to target a wider audience. Of course, it takes time to get your name recognized out there, but you’ll certainly acquire a steady stream of income in the end. So in this blog, I’m going to be breaking down this whole concept of organic marketing. I'll share what it means, why you should apply it, as well as why you shouldn’t rely solely on organic marketing if you want to see traction in your business.

What is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing is a form of online advertising that produces leads in the most natural way. It's the most cost-effective way of promoting your content. There are several avenues that you can venture into if you’re going the organic route. The three main avenues you’re going to want to start with are blogs, podcasts, and the various ever-expanding social media outlets. You can share valuable content to your ideal clients on those online platforms, and that’s when you’re going to rely on people to naturally stumble upon your content. Once they perceive something of value, they will ask more about your services and they can trade their email in exchange for an amazing freebie. Utilizing those platforms will bring the traffic, and providing valuable content will keep it there. 

The best way to describe organic marketing is through the old tale called “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Organic traffic is considered to be the tortoise, it’s slow-moving and it takes time. However, it will get to where you need to be at some point in time. You can view organic leads as earned, and not bought. In order to get faster results in your marketing campaigns, I recommend that you also consider the hare. Now, the hare here represents pay-to-play or paid traffic. Ideally, you should be doing organic traffic with paid traffic. So you have pay-to-play, which gives you faster results on whatever online platforms your ideal clients are hanging out, and you can also get your content in front of a wider audience where you can offer them a freebie in exchange for their email. Whether you’re doing organic traffic or a pay-to-play approach, you have to have that know, like, and trust factor. And it can take several touches before someone trusts you enough for them to give their email and decide to move forward with you. 

Foundation of Your Marketing

There are two pillars when it comes to marketing your services— promotion and delivering value. To put it simply, promotion is merely sharing about what you do and what services you offer in your marketing campaign. What makes Ergonomics so unique compared to other industries is that we can promote our services even before an injury occurs or before there is a need for us to visit and make an assessment. So it’s more of a proactive and preventative approach to your services, and that requires a promotion. 

The second important aspect is delivering valuable content to your audiences. We know that at some point in time, discomfort or injury will occur at a workplace. So what do we do in those situations? Well, we just continue to promote our services and provide content to our audiences, and then wait for them to reach out to us. If you continue to build that know, like, and trust factor and provide value to them, it’s just a matter of time before discomfort or injury occurs at their workplace. And since you’ve been doing this organic traffic, they’ll know that someone can help them with their Ergonomic challenges when it happens. This is why it’s important to make content that’s tailor-made for your clients’ needs, wants, and desires.

What You Might Be Doing Wrong

One major element as to why it may be taking longer to get your ideal clients with organic marketing is because your marketing campaign isn’t sophisticated enough to what they need. And it’s something that some of us need to ponder upon, because there’s no such thing as competition. It’s just that our market needs to be sufficiently sophisticated to the types of content that our ideal clients need. You can do that by highlighting why you are the best in what you do and how your services can help them. An example related to this is when you have multiple coffee shops in every city, but they all still manage to exist and be profitable. The reason for this is because people will go to a specific type of coffee shop based on what they’re looking for, whether they like to go to a fancy coffee place, or perhaps they prefer an artisanal coffee shop. The fact of the matter is that there are always going to be a lot of options, but we have to have our marketing reflect the desired need that our ideal clients will have.

Whatever route you’re going to take, it’s essential that you understand your ideal clients well. For instance, if you’re looking to market to someone who’s in Human Resources, of course, it’s going to be very different than marketing to someone who is self-employed. Both will have different needs, wants, and fears, and you want to design your marketing system based on that.

Traffic is vital to any online marketing strategy, and organic marketing is what will help you drive traffic. Although your organic marketing campaigns can sometimes take longer to reach your ideal clients, you can augment that by doing organic traffic and paid traffic at the same time. Of course, before you do that, you need to have a strong foundation as to what your ideal clients like to do. Make sure that whatever content you’re going to be sharing out there is on mark on that sophistication level that will pique your ideal clients’ interest.

And that’s it. I hope you gain some lessons about how to land your ideal clients through organic marketing. If you want to know how other healthcare professionals are already adding office ergonomic expertise to their practice, I have a training for you to try. Just head on this link and get started today!


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