Many healthcare professionals are already enjoying the benefits of adding ergonomic services to their professional expertise. However, some people who are interested to get into ergonomics are quite unsure as to how they can drive leads, sales, and customers’ attention to their business. Connecting with your ideal clients can be really challenging for some ergonomic professionals. In this blog, I will share some tips on how you can establish a “machine” that will work 24/7 so that you can build your online presence with ergonomics.

Marketing Your Ergonomic Services Online: Essential Techniques

The best way to promote your ergonomic services is to go wherever you can connect with your potential clients, and the Internet is the best place to do just that. You already have the knowledge to provide ergonomic services and generate income, but applying online marketing techniques can help you grow your business quicker. Online marketing can help you reach out to a wide targeted audience, whether you’re targeting clients from your local community or you’re marketing to clients outside your city. Additionally, it can help transform prospects into clients and build your reputation as the go-to ergonomic expert. In the list below, you’ll learn useful details that will help power your machine and achieve business success.

Strategies for Marketing Your Services Online

Online marketing may seem easy, but it actually involves a lot of moving pieces. There’s no way you can focus yourself on every possible avenue. But here are 4 effective online marketing techniques that’s relevant for your ergonomic consulting business:

1. Content

Content is the number one thing you need to consistently do to ensure that the system can continuously move forward. Whatever content you put out there, whether you distribute blog posts, videos, or podcasts, it needs to be strategically designed to attract your ideal future customers. Your content serves as the engine of your marketing process, and there are certain elements it needs to have. These elements include building rapport with your audience, providing valuable information, and creating desires for your services. 

So how do you come up with good content? Firstly, you want to always develop content that would generate desires for your services. This means creating content that is aligned with what you want to do and promote your services. For example, as ergonomic consultants, one of the biggest services that we offer is one-on-one assessments with our clients. So you will want to produce content that is reverse-engineered off of that, something that will create any sort of desire that will make them want to get your services. It could be about the benefits of doing ergonomics, their struggles, or the things they’re missing out. Secondly, you want to create content that removes objections from your services. 

2. Platform

The next important step is the platform. Ask yourself what platform you really want to use. There’s a lot of options you can choose from today. There's podcasts, YouTube, blog, or Facebook groups. After you’ve determined your chosen platform, I want you to go all in on that platform. When you go all in, that means you want to make sure that your target audience is present in that platform first, then create a platform that you enjoy doing, and produce a type of content that is aligned with what you want to do. Platforms allow you to build relationships with clients and help position yourself as an authority in ergonomics. One way to do this is to engage with your audience and provide valuable insights. The trick here is that whenever you use one of those platforms, you have to have a call to action that is specific. This means giving your audience the option to join your emailing list after reading your content and acknowledging interest in your services. And that opt-in is key because that’s how you can trade something of value for their email address. Once you gain that email address, it’s a warm lead and you can continue to add value to them.

3. Opt-in

An "Opt-in" can help you convert prospects into clients. These prospects are those who are already interested in your services because they clicked your link. It’s a great way to scale the free part of your system while passively collecting leads for your business 24/7. For instance, 50 people got into your free “lead magnet” but you’re not required to take action for every person that comes into your community because it’s all automated. Opt-ins are basically a landing page where people can put their name and email, and you can trade that by sending them specific, results-oriented pieces of information that you know will induce their interests. It’s totally up to you what you want to trade with. There can also be more than one, too. You can try a bunch of tests to see what’s going to get some traction with your ideal clients. For example, I give monthly infographics that are white-labeled in my Accelerate Membership.  And if you’re interested to jump into Accelerate, I encourage you to do so. 

When getting into online marketing, the trickiest part is using a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool. But one of the most helpful tools that I can recommend is ConvertKit, which is free for accounts with under 1,000 email subscribers. It takes a lot of consistent activity to even get to 100 emails in your account, so this is a great tool when you’re just starting with your online marketing. You can either put it on your website or you can have it hosted on the CRM’s website. The greatest outcome you can get from this is a good lead on your email list.

4. Emails

This type of marketing is making use of email to send direct marketing messages to people to obtain new clients and keep existing ones. This is helpful whenever you have a new piece of content because you can simply direct it to your email list, so they’re always in the know of what you’re doing. In the long run, your email list can become your greatest asset as you move forward with your business. The great thing about getting email leads from opt-in is that we can make offers to our email list. These offers could mean whatever way our email list can work with us, it could be an offer for your services, or promotion, or coaching. And you’ll know that there’s a high chance that they’ll see those offers because it’s going right to their inbox. It’s also important that we don’t spam our audiences, but rather share something valuable to our email list. If your audience receives regular, high-quality content from you, they will identify you with good things, from being diligent to a trusted resource. So the reach that you can get from doing email marketing is really key. 

Avoid These Mistakes When Doing Internet Marketing

Relying exclusively on social media platforms is one of the mistakes you want to avoid when promoting your business. If you rely solely on social media as a medium to distribute information about your services, all the people who follow you on that platform wouldn’t be able to hear your message in case something were to happen in those platforms. This is something that has happened multiple times on many social media platforms where their service was down, or their algorithm changes. This is a huge disadvantage for you because you won’t be able to talk to the people who want to purchase your services. Of course, you don’t want all your efforts in building a presence to just dissipate overnight. So the best way to build the know, like, and trust factor with your ideal clients is to have a system so that every piece of content that you put out there leads to a call of action. This will then put people in a position to trade their email address for some sort of value. Another mistake I want to point out is not making offers to your audience. If you’re not making offers, you’re just wasting your chance to capture more leads. It’s where online marketing has it’s value. Every time you connect with your client, you initiate a touchpoint between you and them. As your relationship with your clients grows, your chances of making sales increases as well.

And that’s it! Those are my tips on how you can generate leads and sales for your ergonomic consulting business. If you’re interested in joining my Accelerate program, you can start today by clicking on this link. And if you want to learn how other healthcare professionals are already adding office ergonomic expertise to their services, I have a training for you, check it out here.


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