expert interviews Sep 23, 2020

I want to get into some of the behind-the-scenes action from the newest episode of the Business of Ergonomics Podcast. There's one thing that I can say has remained quite stable for me over the past 15 years is my passion for ergonomics. Not only is it a vehicle to leverage Healthcare and Rehab Professional's expertise BUT its incredibly valuable to our client's lives to remain at work pain-free. 
The Business of Ergonomics Podcast is designed to encourage and motivate Professional Ergonomists to reach as many as possible in their marketing campaigns while generating a healthy income.
Heck, if more Healthcare and Rehab Professionals are inspired to get into ergonomics from this podcast then that would be a major bonus! 
Last week I was able to interview one of my students from the Ergonomic Blueprint program, Phumla Motsa, who is a registered Massage Therapist. I was so excited when I learned about her progress not only with the program but taking action with office ergonomic assessments that I just had to share it with our community. 
Listen to this episode to find out about:
  • How Phumla was able to get started with assessments without any marketing budget
  • How Occupational Therapy sets the foundation to excel with office ergonomics 
  • Where Phumla sees the future opportunity of ergonomics

Join me in this episode! Can't wait for you to listen to my interview with Phumla! 


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