Let's talk office ergonomic assessments, consultations, and training.

First of all, ergonomics is not only already aligned with your expertise and experience as a Rehab and Healthcare Professional, it's also an in-demand and value-added service that adds an income stream, now or when the economy returns to normal, to what you're already doing professionally.

Who the heck doesn't need that right now?

Interested to find out if office ergonomics is right for you... right now? Well, check out these 4 reasons and discover if you're ready to take the plunge (there's also a super-duper special offer at the end!). 

Discover If You're Ready For Office Ergonomic Assessments 

1. Quantify First 

Ergonomists are all about numbers. Why? Well, quantifying risk is incredibly useful when classifying the severity of risk in your client's workstation.

Using metrics can also give you really good insight to whether or not you are truly ready to "go for it" with office ergonomic assessments... I'll explain in just a second, but first I want to explain my rationale when it comes to being "truly ready". There's a really famous saying that goes something like: 

There's no such thing as a perfect time to get started in something new. If you are 100% ready before putting yourself "out there" then you've probably waited too long. 


This saying brings up the question of: how many times have you wished that you just "went for it" in your life and career? I certainly do (but that's a story for another time).

With the idea of starting before being 100% ready, I use a framework with my students in the EBP and Accelerate programs that I'm going to share with you below: 

  • 1-3 Assessments: Your first assessments are generally the most awkward, frustrating, and overwhelming of them all. This is why I highly recommend that you try these out with your friends and family before charging clients. 
  • 3-20 Assessments: There's a huge learning curve here and you're going to get a lot of experience in efficiently identifying the root cause of the situation and writing reports. With more assessments, you'll be improving your risk identification and root cause analysis skills - necessary for effective assessments! As you get comfortable you can start increasing your prices as you'll be providing more value to your clients!
  • More than 20 Assessments: With 20 assessments under your belt, the really nifty thing is that you're going to start identifying trends so that your office assessments are going to feel like a breeze... trust me. You'll start to make the association between certain ergonomic risks, reported symptoms, and possible solutions as soon as you meet your client! 

2. Who else is doing ergonomic assessments in your city? 

I have a really fun exercise for you to do RIGHT NOW. Yup. Head to google and search "ergonomic assessments" and your city...  

Well, what did you find? 

I'd be willing to guess the results that you found. Could you count on one hand who else is doing office ergonomic assessments, consultations, and trainings in your area? 

When talking to my students, the majority inform me of this too. 

Compare this with other Healthcare and Rehab related fields. In most cities you'll find an abundance of Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, or Massage Therapist clinics. 

But for ergonomics it's an entirely different story. There's an incredibly low supply of quality support for a high demand. 

Most workplaces WILL see some sort of ergonomic concern, challenge, or related Workers' Compensation Claim. Honestly, it's just a matter of time. 

Does this put a different perspective on the businesses that you drive by everyday in your city?

If a workplace has an ergonomic concern, who will they call? 

The answer is YOU, that is if you play your cards right! 😉

3. Do you feel an urge to serve? 

I believe that the real joy in life comes from serving your PASSION. 

Opportunity happens when Passion meets Action. 

Oftentimes it WILL take some time for all the work that you're doing in your business or with learning the details of office ergonomic assessments for you to start getting the RESULTS that you've always dreamed of. 

Continually moving forward, taking imperfect action will help you get to where you want to be. 

The good thing is that for many of the Rehab and Healthcare Professionals, their passion is in helping and serving people. 

Office ergonomics is just another service offering that allows you to UP level their success.    

4. Are you a problem solver? 

When it comes to being a successful and effective ergonomist you must be able and ready provide effective and reasonable solutions to your clients. 

During an assessment ergonomists have no idea of the exact scenario and specifics that we'll see until we start an ergonomics assessment. 

What sets the "good" apart from the "great" is a solid foundation in the ergonomic risk identification as well as root cause analysis techniques. 

Sometimes it may feel easiest to just jump into solutions right away... but that can lead to less effective recommendations, confusion, and even (the dreaded) Dominos of Doom.

Note: the Dominos of Doom is what I like to refer to when in office ergonomic assessments you think that you're solving one problem but you actually end up causing another one. This leads to frustration and overwhelm as you continually try to fix one problem without actually getting to the root cause of the situation. #notgood 

There are solutions, my friend. 

Let's talk next steps. 

I've given you some of the high-level perspectives about office ergonomic services could be right for you. Now, the question is can you PICTURE yourself doing them? If so... what are your next steps? 

Many Healthcare and Rehab Professionals are adding ergonomic services to their careers and businesses because it's an in-demand service that's aligned with what they already know and studied in school. 

So... are you interested in taking the next steps in your career? 

Even in TODAY'S uncertain climate, it's never been a better time to add Office Ergonomic Assessments to your career.

I have a new free training that shares details about the ergonomics industry, mistakes to avoid, and how to find your first paying clients!  

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