We all know that choosing an ergonomic product that fits our client’s needs is no easy task. While we want to make sure that what we’re recommending is worth their investment, trying to sift through all of the products on the market can be confusing and time-consuming. There are a lot of great products out there but there are just as many lesser ones with savvy marketing. With so many options in the market today, how do you choose the right type of equipment? 

In this episode, I'm joined for a second time by Camille Fraser of ErgoMania. Camille is not only an expert in office ergonomics, but she also has deep knowledge of ergonomic products. She makes her return to share how you can exactly get the latest, greatest ergonomic equipment that your clients really need without spending hours of research. Her company, ErgoMania, has helped hundreds of Ergonomists and Healthcare Professionals by providing guidance and reliable products that fit their clients’ specific needs. Camille is also a team member of the Accelerate: The Business of Ergonomics program. 

Read the excerpt of our interview below to find out how you can be more confident in your recommendations and keep up to date with the industry's up and coming products.

Expert Interview With Camille Fraser

Can you share a bit about yourself? 

Camille: I’m a kinesiologist specializing in ergonomics. I started ErgoMania 3 years ago. The goal of my company is to help bridge the gap between the products and the professionals and their clients—to make it easier for the professionals to give out information about different products to their clients. 

If we go back a little bit more, I was actually part of ergonomicsHelp, where I help Darcie out every single month with literature reviews. So I keep up with both the ergonomics side of things and the ergonomic products side of things.

You mentioned that you’re bringing together ergonomics equipment and ergonomics professionals. Could you tell us a bit about your industry and your program? 

Camille: There are different types of websites out there for ergonomic products, and I found that sometimes it's very hard to get certain information from people. Some of the big-box stores might not have the expertise to actually point you in the right direction. The same with showrooms—they may not have that expertise to back up certain products or to help you find the perfect product for your clients. I have a lot of expertise in the ergonomics world, so that also helps in figuring out what products to choose. If you can't fit the product to that person, then the product is not ergonomic. 

So what we do at ErgoMania is to kind of bridge the gap between the products and the professionals. I have one-on-one with the professionals. They can ask me whatever questions they have about certain scenarios, and I can help them find the right product and even fit the budget of the client. If one solution doesn't work or somebody doesn't have the budget for a chair, I can help them find a different solution that's a little bit cheaper but still great for the client and helps get them on the right foot. If you can help your clients on the first go around, they’ll view you in a better sense too. 

When I was in University, I was really into professional help, like going from one profession to another. That’s what triggered me into starting the Preferred Ergonomics Consultant Program because everybody can use some help from different professions and mesh together. That's how we work best and help clients in a better way. It's also great to know that somebody is backing you up. You can ask if a certain product is good, and you're certain that you're recommending a great product to someone. You can feel a little bit more confident in your recommendation. 

That’s one of the things that I had a hard time with when I was starting out doing consultations. I would spend hours and hours looking at products just to make sure that I was giving the right solution to the person. Just having a little bit more confidence in your suggestions definitely goes a long way and definitely saves a lot of time.

How do you help people in choosing chairs or more expensive equipment?

Camille: We talk to the client or the ergonomist. We talk about their needs, the type of work they do, their measurements, and what their tendencies are. We pick the best chair for them that way. We write down everything that they need and then find the chair that meets their needs, and I just go ahead and tell them which one they should get. 

Another great thing about joining the Preferred Ergonomic Consultant Program is that we’re not only helping you out, we’re also building relationships with you. So the more we build a relationship together, the easier it is to request a product demo and get your client to try the product out for a couple of days or weeks to see if it's the right fit for them. So if you're an ergonomist that we trust and your client is good to go, we can definitely send out some demos to your clients for them to test out. 

We understand that it’s a big purchase, but we do back up our expertise a lot. We feel very confident in sending a chair that we know will fit your client. It's really saving the Ergonomic Consultant’s time, so they don't have to research all of those products or try to figure everything out. We also follow-up with the client after recommending the equipment. For instance, if the client isn't too sure how to use the product, we can easily hop on a call with them and explain to them how to properly use the equipment.

What types of people do you generally help? 

Camille: I help a wide range of people. I help ergonomists, OTs, PTs, and regular people that come up to me and ask questions. But we really focus more on ergonomists. 

What's the first step that someone needs to do to join the Preferred Ergonomics Consultant Program?

Camille: All you have to do is send me an email. I personally am looking at all the emails for the Preferred Ergonomics Consultant Program. We can set up a call to see what you want out of the program and what I can offer you out of the program as well. Right now, we're really honing in on the program to build trust and relationship with the Ergonomic Consultant.

Do you ship worldwide?

Camille: Yes, we are worldwide. We ship mainly in Canada, but we are evolving as always. For worldwide professionals, we have a couple of options for you. You can just email me, and we can talk about those options for the Preferred Ergonomics Consultant Program.

Connect with Camille

Consulting an expert, especially when you have little knowledge about the latest and greatest ergonomic products available on the market, can save you a lot of frustration and make your entire process more efficient. Given the vast array of ergonomic equipment out there, having a trusted resource like Camille can really help narrow down your options, and you can guarantee that what you recommend will improve your client’s comfort and safety. If you want to learn more about Camille’s program, you can get in touch with her through her website or email.

Another thing: A community that supports you on your ergonomics journey, is a big benefit of Accelerate: The Business of Ergonomics Program. Not only will you get to connect to like-minded individuals, you will be provided with the necessary tools and resources that will help you generate more revenue for your ergonomics consultancy. I'm going to be opening the enrollment for the Accelerate membership this March 2022, so make sure to sign up to the waitlist now.


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