expert interviews Mar 09, 2023

The ergonomics industry is no stranger to the idea of using Artificial Intelligence and other types of technology, but a major topic of conversation among ergonomic professionals right now is ChatGPT. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s an AI-powered chatbot that can emulate human conversation. This latest innovation gained so much attention when it was first launched, which garnered 1 million users within its first week.

But if you’ve heard of this new AI tool, you probably have some questions: How does it work? How worried should we be about AI? Will it replace the need for human effort? In today’s episode, we'll dive into all those questions (and a lot more).

This is Part 2 of my interview with technology expert Joe Lindsay. In Part 1, we talked about Health Information Privacy. In this episode, Joe shares his experience with Artificial Intelligence apps and what that can mean for our future in the ergonomics industry. 

Tune in to learn:

→ [04:39] - What AI is.

→ [07:05] - How ChatGPT works.

→ [10:59] - Whether we should be worried about AI.

→ [14:35] - The implication of AI technology in ergonomics. 

→ [18:04] - What we need to be aware of when using AI and.

→ [19:11] - How to prepare yourself for the future where AI technology plays a bigger role in society.

And much more…

Take a listen here.

Episode Notes

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