If you've been thinking about getting started with learning how to do office ergonomic assessments it's never been a better time to start. I'm going to share the Top 6 Reasons why you should drop everything and learn office ergonomic assessments... especially today. 

The Top 6 Reasons Why It's Never Been A Better Time For Ergonomics

1. Use this downturn to invest in your skillset 

There's a couple of ways that you can spend your time these days. Your first option is to catch up on the latest binge-worthy series (I hear Tiger King is ALL the craze these days 🐅). Option two is to learn a value-added service that will be in-demand by employers when the economy gets back to normal.

2. Remote Ergonomics Assessments

One of the big attention-getters with ergonomics right now is the ability to serve your clients who are working from home. With employees working from home without their usual office equipment, chairs, etc in addition to dealing with high stress situations (- aka homeschooling their kids in addition to normal work responsibilities) I believe there has been a shift from "if" an injury will occur to "when" an injury will occur. 

Add to this if a pre-existing condition or Workers' Compensation claim. 

With remote ergonomic training, assessment, and consultation services you can generate a revenue and serve your clients without the requirement of leaving your home. 

I've mentioned this to my Ergo Blueprint and Accelerate students, that NOW is the time to invest in their Ideal Client relationships because the cost for them to do so (either in money or time) has never been cheaper. 

Additionally, if you as an ergonomics consultant can provide clients useful and practical ergonomic tips that make their life easier, they will be more likely to turn to you for help when they need help in the future. 

3. Offer your current clients another service 

This is the really cool thing about the potential of office ergonomic assessments. It's that you can offer clients that you've already served - whether its Health and Safety, OT, PT, Kinesiology, etc.

Take the normal clinic setting. Someone comes in with shoulder pain. You treat the symptoms, but then they head back to their office setting - somewhere that you KNOW for certain has lead to the development of their injury. 

So. The question is what do YOU do?

When your client is asking if you can help them with their office setup can confidently say that you can or... do you say no

Fun fact: you don't need specific certification to get started doing office ergonomic assessments.

Adding ergonomics assessments to your services adds another income stream to your services. On top of that it's a service that offers a holistic solution for entire client wellness. 

4. Address the concerns that would've lead them to see you in the first place 

One of my students in the EBP just said about this about learning how to do office ergonomic assessments: 

...I treat a lot of clients with these conditions but my hope is to now reach some of these individuals before they become PATIENTS .


One of my favourite sayings is that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". 

If you've ever had these thoughts, learning how to do office ergonomics assessments can do this for you and the future of your career!

5. Apply the principles from your Health Profession to ergonomics 

Heck in fact for many Health Professions out there including PTs, OTs, and Kinesiologists, you've probably taken a course or two in school about ergonomics. 

If you were lucky you would've tried your hand with a few assessments before. 

For many health professions, ergonomics ALREADY falls into the scope of what you are already doing. 

This means that it's not a stretch to learn the process of office ergonomics and apply what you already are doing professionally. 

6. It's more than just risk assessments

With ergonomics services, there's more than just the 'stereotypical' office ergonomic assessments where you see someone on a one-on-one basis. 

Heck, there's more than just ergonomics training as well. 

When you learn the process of ergonomics assessments there's so many creative services that you can offer prospects and clients the get to what they need, want, and desire. 

It's all about building that relationship... that you can be doing RIGHT NOW with remote ergonomic consultations, trainings, and assessments. 

Next Steps

Ok my friend, you've gotten this far so you're clearly interested in the next steps, right? Take a deep dive with this new (and FREE) training  about how to use the principles you already know to add a profitable revenue stream with office ergonomics assessments. 

Even in today's uncertain climate it's never been a better time to add office ergonomic assessments to your career.

On top of that this training shows you how to:

  • Leverage all those years of schooling and experience with a new service.
  • Avoid one BIG mistake (plus many others) when you're first starting out.
  • Get started with marketing your service, so you can get your first assessment even if there are other ergonomists.
  • Fill your 'gaps' and have services that you clients need, want, and desire. 
  • + Much more including free gifts just for attending!

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