Ergonomics Service Providers: How Much Should You Charge?

Curious about pricing for ergonomic assessments/reports?  Get typical pricing that is normally followed including travel guidelines and other tips to help you #WIN!

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Instead of a typical *HOW TO DO OFFICE ERGONOMICS* Training Resource you'll get real insights about how to succeed with Office Ergonomics Assessments whether you are just getting started or you've been at this for years. 

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Get access to a recording of experts sharing their experience with ergonomics assessments. 

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An opportunity to connect with your peers DOING office ergonomics assessments from around the world. No fear of competition.

What's Working Today

Learn what's working today with a variety of office ergonomics assessments so that you know exactly what to offer clients.

Take Back Your Freedom

Ergo as a side hustle? We'll chat what you need to get started, take back your time & freedom, and earn a living without relying on insurance.

How Much To Charge?

Curious that you are over-charging or undercharging for your services? Get clarity today about the types of services in addition to what to charge. 

Get Best Practices & Get Your Questions Answered!

Get those burning questions about ergonomics in the office answered like: 

  • Are Office Ergonomics Assessments still a viable option?
  • What's the best pricing strategy for longterm success?¬†
  • How do you get your first paying client?
  • What are the upcoming trends for office¬†ergonomic equipment?

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