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The Complete Guide To Standing Desks

Confused about standing desks? They are SO trendy right now. That means that you are not the only one who may be looking for more information!

Interested in UPPING your game (pun intended..)?

You've come to the right place! Used correctly standing while working (made popular by standing desks) are a straightforward approach that doesn't negatively impact productivity or discomfort - that's what the research says anyway!

Developed by a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, this eBook shares the WHOLE picture on how to safely include more standing in your day with easy-to-understand language based on recent findings from research, as well as over 10+ years consulting and managing an in-house ergonomics program.

This eBook is applicable to both your own work set-up (SELFIE) and to any ergonomic program managers or those in a managerial or decision position.

Here's what you are gonna learn in this 50 page eBook:

  • Do you really need a standing desk in the first place? Standing desks are not a necessity for all people. It's all about strategically reducing the amount of prolonged sitting (aka sedentary behaviours) and I show you how to approach this.
  • Optimizing your standing desk set-up. I tell you EXACTLY how to set-up your standing desk in the first place so it fits with ergonomic guidelines. There is one secret I share that most people overlook in setting up a standing desk.
  • Standing schedules. This is where the rubber hits the road and I share how to design your own standing schedule that works with you AND within acceptable ergonomic guidelines.
  • Comfort items. I tell you what to look for in additional items that can enhance the overall standing experience, including: anti-fatigue mats, perch stools, and foot rails.
  • Wellness strategies. The incorporation with wellness strategies is often overlooked yet can be extremely useful to promote awareness and encourage long-term use with standing desks or standing schedules.
  • Sticking with it. I share my tips that I learned from running my own in-house ergonomics program on how to identify indicators for either yourself or staff to see who is really ready to make the investment in a full standing aka sit-to-stand desk. I show you how to make an informed investment to get the ROI that you desire.

This eBook will give you a fresh perspective on the use of standing desks in your office!