Do you want to draw in more customers to your ergonomics biz but don’t know how? Are you finding it hard to explain to your target audience or potential corporate clients the benefits of ergonomics? 

Numerous industries have successfully implemented ergonomic solutions. By eliminating unnecessary movements, businesses can lower their accident rates, compensation costs, and employee turnover. 

In today’s blog, I'm going to provide you 10 different ways to describe the benefits of ergonomics without the jargon and without the fancy book learning words—just plain terms. This way, people who aren't ergonomics experts can understand.

To attract the interest of both your customers and potential corporate clients, make sure to follow the 10 cold hard facts below. These are really useful whenever you're either producing content for your business or having those conversations with corporate clients. 

Ergonomic service providers will learn:

→ [01:46] - One of the most valuable skills that ergonomic service providers can have is knowing how to sell their services effectively.

→ [02:47] - Ergonomics programs can help businesses make significant savings in their operations.

 [03:26] - Ergonomic programs can help reduce repair costs.

→ [03:53] - Ergonomic programs can help businesses save money on recruitment and training costs.

→ [04:23] - Ergonomic programs can help businesses save on property costs.

→ [04:50] - Ergonomic programs can help businesses save on maintenance costs.

→ [05:22] - Ergonomic programs can help businesses save on administrative costs.

→ [05:52] - Ergonomic programs can help businesses save on management costs.

→ [06:25] - Ergonomic programs can help businesses save on marketing costs.

→ [06:59] - Ergonomic programs can help businesses save on insurance costs.

→ [07:49] - Ergonomic programs can help retain skilled and niche employees.

→ [09:22] - Keeping it simple with ergonomics when we’re explaining it to our prospects and customers is always best.

Listen right here.

I hope you learn a lot with the facts that I shared with you today and produce more revenue for your services.

What’s Next?

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