The quickest way to get into ergonomics is by getting trained by an experienced mentor. Why? Because they’ve experienced the problems you’ve faced and know what works best. Yet, many ergonomic service providers start their careers without one. 

While taking an ergonomics course is a great start, it doesn't provide you with the hands-on knowledge and industry insights that come from working with a mentor. In this week's episode, I'll be sharing the value of experience and mentorship, and how it can benefit your career.

 One of the key benefits of having a mentor is that they've likely experienced the same challenges you're facing, and can offer guidance on what works best. I've personally had several mentors who have helped me advance my career faster and with greater success. Their knowledge, industry networks, and guidance have been invaluable to me and can be to you too.

Here are a few snippets for you:

→ [03:24] - Find out why getting trained and getting experience is beneficial for your career

→ [04:50] - Hear about my story

→ [08:30] - The benefits of having a mentoring experience

→ [10:46] - Learn the best route to getting started in ergonomics

→ [12:55] - Find out how many assessments you need to provide quality office ergonomic assessment

→ [16:41] - Discover how the Ergonomics Blueprint can help you

Take a listen here.

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