We all know that prolonged sitting has detrimental effects on our health, from increasing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders to slowing down our metabolism. Aside from preventing these negative effects by getting up more and moving around, one popular trend in office ergonomics is the use of ball chairs—also called yoga balls, stability balls, or exercise balls—as an alternative to a traditional office chair. These chairs may be perceived as a better substitute for office chairs because they strengthen your client's core and facilitate better posture by encouraging “active” sitting. 

Many studies confirm that prolonged sitting isn't good for our clients. But when it comes to the effectiveness of ball chairs in the office, opinions are mixed. In this episode, I’m going to break down the research for you and share some cold, hard evidence that you can put in your back pocket and share with your clients today.

 Listen in to discover:

→ [06:00] - Are there actually any benefits of using stability balls in the office environment?

→ [07:49] - The most important concerns to share with your clients about the use of stability balls in the office.  

→ [08:50] - Should stability balls be used as a substitute for a standard ergonomic task chair? Is there compelling evidence that would justify the change? 

→ [12:30] - Simple adjustments that you can share with your clients to incorporate more activity with their standard ergonomic task chair.  

Check out the full episode here.

Episode Notes:

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