The past few years upended the traditional idea of office setting. Shared workspaces, in particular, have become increasingly popular in the post-COVID era. Many companies choose to embrace this type of work layout because they provide numerous benefits, such as flexibility, scalability, cost-savings, and enhanced productivity. But surprisingly, their overall impact on employees remains under-researched. So in this episode, I’ll talk you through the pros and cons, and provide some useful facts so that you can help companies transition to shared workspace effectively. 

Here's what Ergonomic Professionals should know about shared workspaces in this new landscape:

→ [01:55] - Why organizations may want to try transitioning to a shared office space.

→ [04:09] - Find out the benefits of a well-managed co-working space.

→ [05:36] - Discover the consequences of a less than optimal shared workspace.

→ [06:25] - Distraction is significantly worse in all shared office arrangements when compared to those at home or from the road.

→ [07:27] - Implementing a “clear desk policy” has little obvious benefit, yet has potentially negative consequences for an organization.

→ [09:40] - Limiting visual and auditory distraction whenever possible is essential.

→ [11:40] - A bookable breakout room has to be in any open-concept office.

→ [12:50] - Ask for feedback before permanently transitioning to a shared office arrangement.

→ [14:00] - Have a dedicated time for team meetings.

By keeping up with these post-COVID changes and addressing the evolving needs of employees, you can play a vital role in creating ergonomic environments that foster safety and productivity in the new work landscape.

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