ergo consulting tips Jun 08, 2023

As ergonomic service providers, one of the challenges you’ll face in your consulting business is maintaining a stable cash flow. For many ergonomic consultants, the “feast or famine” cycle is very common. One month you get a big project that takes up all your time, the next, you’re back to searching for new clients. One way you can break this cycle is by developing a retainer-based arrangement with your clients. Using a consulting retainer model allows you to bring in consistent income to keep your consulting business afloat, and in this episode, I’m showing you how to make this type of model work for you. 

What You'll Learn on this Episode:

→ [01:40] - A special announcement about my program, Accelerate: The Business of Ergonomics

→ [02:29] - What it means to work on a retainer

→ [04:20] - The benefits and challenges of retainer work

→ [09:34] - Choosing a retainer rate. Discover how to best present your retainer services as an ergonomics service provider. 

→ [11:49] - Things to consider when setting up a new retainer client

Tune in this week to learn everything you need to know about retainers, including what they are, the pros and cons of implementing a consulting retainer, and how you can incorporate this model in your service offering.

Take a listen here.

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