When it comes to conducting office assessments, most of our concern usually revolves around implementing adjustments to our client’s computer workstations. However, our clients also spend many hours a day emailing, browsing the internet, or texting using their smartphones and tablets. Just like desktop computers, prolonged use of these devices present ergonomic challenges to our clients. So should you be recommending ergonomic solutions associated with tablet and smartphone use in their office ergonomic assessment? I think you should! 

In this episode, I’ll share some strategies and specific equipment recommendations to help minimize the ergonomic risks of smartphone and tablet usage. You can use these tips the next time you talk to your clients so you can make better recommendations and be a great resource for them.

Here are some valuable highlights to pique your interest:

→ [03:14] - Extreme postures - Is there a “perfect” posture for using a smartphone and tablet?

→ [08:27] - Indicators of ergonomic risks - Educate your clients with these key indicators to help minimize the potential negative effects.

→ [11:59] - Learn what personal factors can increase injury susceptibility

→ [14:05] - Best practices when using a smartphone and tablet - Help your clients optimize their tablet and smartphone usage with these strategies.

→ [15: 25] - Device Set-up - Explore different equipment recommendations to improve your client's tablet and smartphone use.

Ready to take your office ergo assessment to the next level? Make sure to listen to the full episode here.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Equipment recommendation: https://kit.co/DarcieJaremey/office-ergonomics-setup 

Get started with office ergonomics assessments, Free Training!: https://www.ergonomicshelp.com/begin

Waitlist for Accelerate: The Business of Ergonomics: https://www.ergonomicshelp.com/biz

Free Ergonomics Training: https://www.ergonomicshelp.com/free-training 


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