health & safety laws Jun 01, 2023

Ergonomics legislation has always been a hot topic in the ergonomics industry. Since the 1990s, there’ve been a lot of measures taken in order to prevent ergonomic hazards in the workplace. Recently, Senate Bill 5217 (SB 5217), otherwise known as the Ergonomics Bill passed the Washington House. This bill allows state regulators to adopt ergonomic regulations to better address workplace musculoskeletal injuries and disorders—a major driver of workers’ comp claims. But what does this mean to ergonomics professionals and how will it impact the future of ergonomics?

Here are some snippets for this week’s episode:

→ [01:42] - Is there an ergo requirement?

→ [02:19] - What’s the Senate Bill 5217?

→ [04:05] - A brief look at the history of ergonomics regulation in the U.S.

→ [07:55] - Regardless of whether there are federal regulations or not, there’ll always be a business case for ergonomics. Leverage workplace safety in your marketing.

Take a listen here.

Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

What do you think about ergonomics legislation? Is it something we need to do as an industry to improve our foothold and encourage more people to invest in ergonomics?

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