We go to school for years and years to piece together this playbook of how to do ergonomics assessments. 

We can find our way with taking courses, doing internships, experience, expertise. We can eventually land that job as an in-house or on-site ergonomist, adding ergonomics as a side-hustle to what we are already doing, or running your own consultancy. 

There are so many options. But in all of these you'll still have to market your services to gain traction and move forward doing assessments, consultations, and trainings. 

Successful Ergonomics Professionals realize that they must share the benefits of ergonomics and form relationships or their messaging (and services) can fall short. Let's dive into this post. 

Marketing Ergonomics

It's just after October, which was International Ergonomics month. It's a moment for us with an interest in ergonomics can reflect on our business both personally (are we happy where we are spending our time) and professionally (are we happy with impact we are making). 

I think that we are in quite the unique profession where we know for a fact that there is an under-supply of Ergonomics Professionals today. Organizations and individuals require our services and I believe it's our duty to serve them and provide the best information.

... whether or not your work inside an organization. 

...or outside an organization. 

We need a thorough marketing plan to share our message to inspire those who really need our services to take action! 

Listen to this episode to find out more! Find out more about the Accelerate program: https://www.ergonomicshelp.com/biz


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