Welcome to International Ergonomics Month!

...the tail end of it at least. 😉

This is OUR TIME  to take a moment and reflect on our careers and businesses in ergonomics whether you are ALREADY doing ergonomics consulting or would like to take the leap of faith and add ergonomics services to your career.

There is just so much potential. 

In this episode I share why this is important, the commonalities that I see with those DOING Ergonomics Professionally (and this makes me so passionate!) and lastly what it takes for you to get there - whether it's to grow your ergonomics consultancy or get started in the industry!

To join my Facebook group that I chatted about in this episode, just head here.

In this Facebook Group you'll get access to trainings.

Just in the past month I've asked the members of this group what topics in ergonomics they'd be interested in learning more about. I've selected the TOP topics and put together some valuable (and FREE) trainings.

Here's what you'll get (the recordings are still available!)

  • The Opportunity of Ergonomics 
  • The Ergonomics Process & How to Make Valuable (High Impact/Low Cost) Solutions 
  • How to Position Ergonomics in a Way That Business Finds Valuable (this sets the tone for marketing!) 
  • How to Market Your Services  
  • plus TWO Awesome Interviews with Professionals who are GROWING their businesses! 

There is just so much (FREE) valuable content in this group all geared to you if you want to take the next steps in adding ergonomics to your business OR if you are looking to attract more paying clients into your business. 


Next week I'm opening enrolment for the Ergonomic Blueprint with a very special (limited time) offer that will JUMP-START your business. 

I'll be making the announcement in this FREE Facebook group on Monday October 26th at 12PM EST. 



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