As practicing ergonomists, we should care about International RSI Day. If you haven't yet heard about this very special day it always happens on the last 'official' day of February and is a clever play on the least repetitive day of the calendar - the leap year. 

Why International RSI Day is SO Important!

By the end of this article I hope that I've made enough of a case for you to take action on this promotion! 

Whether you work inside an organization, as a private consultant or entrepreneur RSI day is the perfect promotion for you to leverage to get in front of your ideal prospects or past clients that you have lost contact with. 

I personally love RSI day because it essentially breaks the ice between your clients and the services that you provide. Later in this article I'm going to share with you a tactic that you can use TODAY that will move you towards the sale (hint: this is something that I use!). 

I LOVE International RSI Day 

But, years ago I loathed this day. 

I thought International RSI Day was a tacky excuse for the incredible potential that ergonomics has for both the businesses' bottom-line and the quality of life for their employees. At the time I thought that ergonomics deserved much more than just 1-day of the year to highlight the importance of reducing work-injuries. 

Oh, how wrong I was. 

Today I fully appreciate now is the Marketing Charm of this tactic.

Here's a few of the reasons why I think International RSI day is so powerful:

  1. The term 'International RSI day' immediately grabs your attention and seems credible. 
  2. Because it's termed as International it gives you the feeling that everyone else in the world is doing something about this... except for your client.
  3. It almost seems like a magnetic pull for your client to click that link or talk to you to make sure that they are compliant! 

International RSI Day Creates A Spark

Whether you manage an organization's ergonomics program or run your own business, we know that creating a demand for your services is important.

  • For internal ergonomics programs it ensures that you are preventing and working fast to mediate identified ergonomics problems and concerns. 
  • For business owners, cashflow is so important and continuously marketing your services to your clients is the difference between fully booked and your business being a hobby (aka cash flow isn't sufficient for your expenses!). 

This is why I LOVE RSI Day - you can leverage this day to create a larger demand for your services!! 

How To Grab Your Client's Desire

In this section I'm going to show you how to leverage 2 simple Marketing strategies to turn prospects to clients.... or connect with old clients and make them new again! (NOTE: this is just part of the whole strategy that I share with my Accelerate group)

It's an incredible opportunity to reach out and make an offer to work with you.

Step 1: Offer a Promotion. 

This is where you can leverage International RSI Day. I would recommend that you offer a promotion that you are really passionate about and something that you know your clients have gotten awesome results with.

A promotion could be more of a gateway for you to do further work with a client (using a Value Ladder strategy) or it could be as simple as a discount to one of your popular services. There's a lot more to the type of promotion that you offer and how you do it, but this is just a brief introduction. 

I've used both options with great success  - either I made a sale (where I wouldn't have made a sale before) or I formed a valuable relationship with an ideal client (that I was looking for a good reason to connect with for some time). 

Step 2: Bring in Scarcity & Urgency (Marketing Tactics) 

Step 2 is where the 'magic' happens. I'm going to tell you how to use two different tactics to get action from your clients.

Scarcity & Urgency. This is where you offer incentives for your Prospects and Clients to ACT NOW! 

  • You are highlighting that this promotion isn't going to be lasting forever! Especially important with RSI day as it ONLY occurs for 1 day only in the month of February! 
  • Let them know that there's limited numbers of spots available for this promotion.
  • Let them know the exact numbers. For instance when I offer consulting services to clients I inform my clients that I've schedule '5 spots for this promotion and 3 have already taken me up on this offer'.

Step 3: Reach out and make the offer! 

This step requires Action! Now it's time to reach out to prospects you want to work with or some of your favourite clients that you liked working with before and offer them this RSI Promotion! 

Good luck! 😉 

Next Steps...

Has this post sparked your interest in how to get in front of the prospects that desire your services, turn 'one-and-done' customers to 'lifetime' customers, and bring in the revenue that you've always dreamed of in your business?

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