ergo consulting tips Oct 01, 2023


If you didn't already know, October is officially International Ergonomics Month. It really only comes once a year, so it's kind of eagerly awaited, just like our birthdays or other holiday vacations.

For some Ergonomics Professionals, we wait with bated breath to use this month as leverage to share our profession, knowledge, experience, and services... you name it... to audiences that wouldn't normally know about our businesses or what we can do to make their lives easier and better.

But for others, International Ergonomics Month simply is ignored. In fact, I just did a search on LinkedIn to see what our peers are saying about it.. and you'd never guess what I just found.

Anyone? (Bueller??)

... well, not a whole lot.

... and that even goes back to International Ergonomics Month in 2022.

So let's draw a line in the sand right now...

Are you ALL FOR using International Ergonomics Month or do you think it's Corny & Cliche?? 🌽

Using a platform like International Ergonomics Month may be all you need to cut through the noise to get the attention of someone who would have normally just scrolled past your post, email, or voice message.

It may inspire you to offer some more information, post a bit more often, or just do something outside of what you would normally be doing to market your services.

And, there's only one way to find out if it works for you.

If you feel inspired, please feel free to comment below with any unique offers, promotions, or ways to leverage your content and services.

[As Ergonomics Service Providers so many of us serve different markets/cities/countries so we can truly collaborate instead of competing with each other!]


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