expert interviews Jul 13, 2023

In today's digital age, social media platforms have become valuable tools for ergonomic professionals to expand their networks, generate more leads, attract new customers, and create business opportunities. One of the platforms that many ergonomic professionals use is LinkedIn. However, leveraging your LinkedIn profile to generate more leads requires a strategic approach and consistent effort.

That’s why we invited LinkedIn expert Eric Z. Johnson. In this new episode, Eric shares how us ergonomic service providers can leverage LinkedIn to become known as the ergonomic expert in our area and bring clients to you. There are lots of features of Linkedin that Eric mentioned that you can use in your business to increase your visibility and attract new clients.

Take a closer look:

→ [03:33] - Eric’s background and what he does

→ [06:58] - Find out why you should optimize your LinkedIn profile. Learn Eric’s steps on how to set up your profile effectively.

→ [18:36] - One question you should ask yourself when optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

→ [25:25] - Discover how LinkedIn Search works and use it accordingly in order to build networks and connect with potential clients.

→ [30:09] - Learn how to create LinkedIn content that appeals to your audience.

→ [40:48] - Eric shares some best practices to engage with your network.

Don’t miss this episode. Listen here.


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