Prolonged use of mouse and/or keyboard and sustained awkward postures are the most frequently noted risk factors for musculoskeletal pain—especially upper body discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and arms. Research shows 24% of workers who use computers for more than two hours a day had elbow pain, 67% had wrist pain and 64% had finger pain, with wrist pain being the third most common health problem in the office following eye strain and back pain.

When looking at treating forearm pain, it’s essential to consider the sitting posture and the working environment. One solution that’s been proposed to prevent pain and discomfort is the use of forearm support. But do they work? Should you be recommending them? In today’s episode, I’m going to share a recent article and we’ll explore just that. 

As ergonomic professionals, we have the responsibility to help people work safely and comfortably. By listening to this episode, you’ll:

  • Have clarity on the effectiveness of incorporating forearm support in the office 
  • Learn some useful tips on the right type of forearm support for typing.

Here’s what to listen out for:

→ [00:56] What does it take to get started in office ergonomic assessment?

→ [03:25] You’ll love to hear this research!

→ [06:22] Does forearm support really help?

→ [08:23] Best practices when using keyboard and mouse

Listen to the episode because it will offer a lot of useful information and helpful advice. Tune in now.

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