Setting up a workstation that fits and supports our clients perfectly requires balancing a lot of different aspects. The chair has to be set up in a way that it’s aligned with the height of their desk while making sure their feet aren’t dangling, and the monitor has to be set just right so that they’re not slouching forward. If one thing isn’t set up properly, the workstation and their body is going to be out of alignment, resulting in aches and pain. One tool that I think is key in any desk setup and can really contribute to your clients' overall comfort is a footrest. Have you recommended a footrest before?

As ergonomic service providers, we don't need to be recommending really expensive equipment to ensure our clients can avoid straining their arms, wrists, back, or neck. Sometimes, the solution to such problems can be surprisingly simple and cost-effective and that's what I'm going to talk about in this week’s episode. I’m going to share  low-cost, high-impact solutions that will solve your clients' issues in the office related to footrests.

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s episode:

→ [04:08] - This one method is essential to any competent ergonomics consultant.

→ [08:26] - Is your client’s desk too high? A properly positioned footrest can significantly enhance their overall comfort during prolonged hours of desk work.

→ [10:16] - Using a footrest can improve your client’s back pain. A footrest can help maintain proper posture by reducing strain on the lower back and promoting a more ergonomic sitting position, leading to improved overall comfort and reduced risk of musculoskeletal issues.

→ [11:48] - Communicate these low-cost, high-impact solutions to your clients! You clients don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment to avoid straining their arms, wrists, back, or neck. Check out what adjustments you can make to ensure a more ergonomic and conducive workspace for your clients.

If you haven’t listened yet, you can check out the full episode here. You can also head over to The Business of Ergonomics Podcast and take a look at our previous podcast episodes for more ergonomic content and resources.

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