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Ergonomics Professionals come in various shapes and sizes. We work in a variety of settings, each of which requires a different skill set. So since we specialize in different niches, how do you represent yourself when talking to potential clients about your services or going to networking events? Do you present yourself as an Ergonomic Consultant, an Ergonomist, or a Healthcare Provider who provides ergonomics services? 

In this post, we’ll talk about how you identify your skill set and look into this idea of “working ON your business” type of mindset. Also, I have a big announcement at the end of this post, so make sure to read on!

Does It Matter?

How do you usually start a sales conversation with a prospect? The first few speaking moments of your introduction are meant to grab your potential client's attention and encourage them to learn more about what you have to offer. When introducing yourself, normally, you would start by stating who you are, what you do, and showing off your expertise in the industry. Given that every Ergonomics Professional works in various work environments, how do you address yourself when speaking to potential clients, striking up a conversation with other professionals at networking events, or training a group of participants at a workplace? Do you say you’re an Ergonomics Consultant, an Ergonomist, or a Healthcare Provider who offers ergonomic services?

I recently did a poll on this in the Ergonomics Community on Facebook to see who people were. Interestingly, the majority of the members said they introduce themselves as “a Healthcare professional who offers ergonomics services”. Both Ergonomics Consultant and Ergonomist came half and half. Another interesting fact is that there are many job titles such as Safety Specialist, Risk Manager, or Hazard Control Specialist that don't include the word ergonomics in them. In my previous job, where I was working as a nine-to-five employee, I had a job title called "Work Injury Management Specialist". It’s kind of an umbrella term of what an ergonomics consultant is without really saying ergonomics consultant.

What this tells us is that:

1. Ergonomics isn't a regulated profession, and ergonomics professionals come from a variety of backgrounds since the field itself covers a range of applications.

2. How we present what we do is crucial in order to connect with our ideal clients. 

So as someone who does ergonomics professionally, what does this mean to you? Is it a big deal how you represent yourself? Is a name just a name, or is there more to it? Does it shape the way you brand yourself and how you represent what you do? Does it inspire you to represent yourself in a different way when you're at networking events or connecting with prospects and ideal customers? 

I think the key takeaway in this post is that however you want to identify your skill set, or whether you're doing ergonomics services for 100% of your day-to-day or just 10% of your day-to-day, it’s important that you market that skill set. Let’s face it. There's low supply but high demand for people who can do quality ergonomics services. Every business that exists out there will need ergonomics services from time to time. However, who are they going to call if they don't know you exist? There are different ways to successfully market your ergonomics services in a way that’s distinct or notable, but the worst mistake you can make is not marketing your services at all. 

Working In Your Business vs. Working On Your Business

For most business owners, their default is working IN their business. The problem of many small business owners and entrepreneurs is that they get caught up in the day-to-day running of their businesses and simply don't spend enough time planning big goals and thinking about where they want to take their business. This type of situation is not uncommon. In fact, if you also relate to this, then chances are that you’re like most business owners out there.

Let’s speculate for a moment here. You have all of the skills and expertise.  You’re doing client work. A lot. However, your business income is either not consistent or not enough. You know you can help your community, but you feel like you're still the best kept secret in your city, and your efforts don't seem to translate to success. 

Well, the reason why you’re not seeing positive results despite working so much is usually because you don’t market your services enough. Just think about it. Are you able to free up some time to work on improving your serving positioning when you’re rushing around all day? Maybe not. How about developing a strong messaging? Also no. Building  an effective content strategy? No way either, right? Well, there you go. Those are just some of the things that require you to step back and find ways to work ON your business and make it better.

If that’s the case for you too, what I would advise you to do is to start doing things differently. To put it simply, rather than focusing most of your time working for your business and into your business, shift your focus to working ON your business and make it work for you. Working ON your business requires a number of things, but one of the main focuses is expanding your consulting business. One way you can expand your business is through marketing. Update your website, produce content, do some promotion, et cetera. In doing this, you’ll be setting your ergonomic service business up for success in the long run. 

Your Next Step

Do you face the same problems with balancing your time working ON your business and IN your business? If so, do you have a system that works for you? Are you exhausted from the daily grind and want to see results? Do you want to attract more people into your consulting business?

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