One thing that you need to know as an ergonomic service provider is that the more services you can provide your clients, the more potential for revenue generation. There seems to be a new trend emerging amongst ergonomic service providers: they see a huge opportunity in combining comprehensive office and industrial assessment products with their expertise as healthcare practitioners. 

How about you? What other services do you offer clients to enhance the results of your ergonomic assessments? In this week’s episode, I talk about the different ways to package your services so you can generate more revenue for your business.

Here are some snippets:

→ [06:40] - What unique offering can you add to your ergonomics assessments to improve client outcomes?

→ [12:35] - Find out some research-based interventions you can add to your office ergonomic assessments.

→ [16:05] - Explore some services you can add to your office ergonomics assessments that will both bring you in more clients and bring them major value.

If you’re offering office ergonomic assessment or planning to get into it, you should not miss this episode! Listen to the full episode here.



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