Simply relying on your skills in ergonomics isn’t enough to attract clients 24/7. Sales and marketing principles are the basic components of every sales and marketing process. In order to help you position your services better, I’m going to share with you 3 sales and marketing principles that will not only translate prospects into clients but generate repeat clients as well.

In this episode, you’ll learn to apply these simple, yet effective principles to your ergo biz so you can close your offers quickly and increase sales. By implementing these principles when doing a sales pitch, you’ll have a strategy that’s effective every time.

Today, you’ll discover:

→ [03:42] - Why it’s important to listen more than you talk

→ [06:17] - The value of active listening and speaking from the customer’s perspective (and not yours)

→ [11:04] - The reason why you should qualify your lead

→ [19:10] - Why having that belief in what you’re selling is foundational

And much more!

Sounds interesting? Tune in now.

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