When was the last time you increased your rates? If it’s been a while and you know it’s time to hike up your prices but you’re unsure how to manage price increase, then today’s episode is just what you need.

As we kick off the new year, businesses across industries are presented with an opportunity to reflect on their pricing strategies. Whether you’re launching a new service deliverable, adjusting existing services, or simply refining your approach, the new year is the perfect time to ensure that your pricing aligns with market demands and your business objectives. Embrace the new year as a chance to provide even greater value to your clients.

Here’s what I cover this week:

→ [02:56] - How much are you charging your clients? Take time to reassess your rates to see if changes should and can be made. 

→ [07:10] - Illustrating the value of what your services bring to your clients is essential when establishing your pricing strategy. Find out the different perspectives on what your prices mean. 

→ [18:30] - Learn the 3 things that make the difference so that you can price your services higher.

Make sure to listen to the whole episode to find out a different perspective on pricing your ergo services in 2024. 

Listen here!


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