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4 Mind-Blowing Statistics About ERGONOMICS That Will Have You Saying, "Why haven't I been using Ergonomics?!"

Just by learning how to do a simple, one-on-one Office Ergonomic Assessments sets you up to offer 7+ additional trainings and assessments that your clients already need, want, and desire! 

With Ergonomics Assessments, not only do you positively impact your client's quality of life, you can make a healthy income! Office ergonomic assessments range between $250 and $1,200 for just one assessment!

Many companies are chronically underserved by Ergonomics. Musculoskeletal disorders contribute approximately 1/3 of injury and illness costs to businesses. This means that there's so much potential for you to find and solve your clients' challenges!

Ergonomics prevents costly injuries and makes companies more profit. This always get businesses attention when it comes to ergonomics (and your services!). One Workers' Compensation claim can cost upwards of $24,000 and $60,000. 

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Just hear what our students are saying:


What Does All This Mean?

  • You feel like you need to learn an additional service so you didn't need to rely on consistently decreasing insurance reimbursement rates to get paid.
  • You feel like you have to find another profession because your body can't take the wear and tear of manual client care.
  • You believe that you've already hit the income ceiling in your profession.
  • You feel like there's opportunity that you’re missing out on to upgrade your skillset, but you aren't quite sure where to go. 
  • You just feel plain 'burned out' with your current situation and you're not sure how long you can keep up this pace of work. 

I know what it's like to feel like you're not earning your full potential and to feel frustrated trying to find something that reflects your interest and expertise.

And even with all of these motivating facts, you're still not 100% sure how to get started doing office ergonomic assessments.


ENROLL In The Ergonomic Blueprint!


Between seeing your normal clients, completing ALL the paperwork, and keeping up with your professional college, it can feel very overwhelming to both find the time AND then to figure how to do office ergonomic assessments all by yourself.


Knew EXACTLY what to do in an ergonomic assessment. 

Had the confidence to tell your client the reason for their discomfort and what needs to be done to fix it. 

Didn't waste hours a week staring at a blinking cursor, trying to figure out how to write the perfect ergonomic risk analysis, or mindlessly scrolling through the internet or academic journals to only look up and realize you lost another HOUR of your life.  

Could create high-quality ergonomic reports with simplicity & ease, knowing that your report will please your customer!

ENROLL in the Ergonomic Blueprint NOW!!

Imagine If You Could:

1. Diversify Your Income & Differentiate Yourself

With market fluctuations & decreases in reimbursement rates, adding ergonomics to your services not only safeguards your career but adds another profitable revenue source!

2. Learn Quality Assessments That Your Clients Desire

Many companies use ergonomics services to prevent work-related injuries, reduce Workers’ Compensation costs, retain & improve employee well-being.

3. Leverage Your Hard-Earned Expertise & Experience

Apply what you already learned in school and in your clinic with the office ergonomic framework to generate an additional income stream!


The Ergonomics Blueprint

Your COMPLETE A-Z Training System That Walks You Through the EXACT Steps, Office (and Remote) Ergonomic Assessment Machine!

That's really just a fancy way of saying that you'll have access to:

  • The 'make it or break it' information you need to know before taking the Ergonomics Assessment Plunge so you can avoid all those costly mistakes most others make!
  • Hand-holding guidance from an instructor (yours truly!) who is Board Certified and has been doing ergonomics assessments, consultations, and trainings for 15 years - aka I know what I'm doing.
  • 24/7 INSTANT and lifetime access including all updates—so you’re always in the loop, leading the pack, and primed to bring home the bacon! 
  • Literal step-by-step training with NOTHING left out. Seriously. 
  • Exclusive membership to a growing community of other students!

Well Hello There! 

Learning how to do quality office ergonomics assessments is a fantastic opportunity. 

My name is Darcie Jaremey, I'm a Certified Professional Ergonomist with over 15 years of experience conducting, managing and selling office ergonomic deliverables. 

But getting started and learning the 'ins & outs' behind doing quality ergonomic assessments is a barrier for other Health care professionals doing them. 

I was once there too. I had all the trainings, education, and certification, but I still struggled with office ergonomic assessments. 

It wasn't until I found a person who walked me through exactly what to do in an assessment and how  to write an office ergonomic report that I finally got some traction. 

It's taken me years to learn how to leverage office ergonomic assessments, consultations, and training into a system that turns one-offs into repeat business. 

I'll show you exactly how to do this in the Ergonomic Blueprint!

I can't wait to have you in the course! 


Learn More About This Program!




  • You'll learn all about the foundation of ergonomics in the office
  • I'll show you the development of musculoskeletal injuries (WRMSDs)
  • I'll go over the specific signs & symptoms of injuries so you know what to look for during an assessment
  • Lastly I'll show you the common types of musculoskeletal injuries, and some likely causes in the office, to really plant the seed of what you'll get at the finish line of this course



  • You'll learn the optimal ergonomic working posture in the office
  • I'll show you the main & secondary ergonomic risk factors, which are the bread and butter to ANY office ergonomic assessment
  • I'll break down some foundational terminology to identify & communicate ergonomic risk clearly to your client



  • I show you the process with the discomfort survey delivery and distribution. This is an absolute game-changer for doing ergonomic assessments in the office, and I totally recommend that you implement TODAY!
  • I show you how important the user interview in the assessment with the exact questions that you need to ask
  • Next, I explain to you about the job descriptions & why they add important information to your assessment
  • Lastly, I give you the EXACT steps (with timing) of how to observe the user in their natural environment, so you can make sure that you DON'T miss a thing



  • You'll learn the workstation analysis guiding strategy
  • You'll learn the specific measurement criteria, guidelines, and postural observations of body regions
  • I even show you how to assess glare in the office
  • I'll give you a specific tool to use that literally walks you through everything that you need to measure in an office ergonomic assessment - the ergonomicHelp office assessment tool.



  • You'll learn the types of ergonomic reports to offer your client
  • I'll show you how to determine the priority of ergonomic solutions so that you can focus on providing low cost yet high impact solutions to your client
  • Causal analysis of identified risk factors
  • Hierarchy of ergonomic controls



  • I break down the specific equipment solutions that target the underlying risk that you've identified in the assessment
  • Additionally, I'll give you the exact administrative & behavioural controls to identified ergonomic risk in the office
  • Coaching suggestions? I tell you exactly what to tell your clients to get those habit changes in the office
  • I even walk you through an entire mock assessment so I can show you the FINISH LINE


But I warn you, because I was there too... it’s ENTIRELY too easy to try think that you can figure out how to do effective Office Ergonomic Assessments just by searching the internet and peer-reviewed journals.

I was there too, my friend.

I moved into office ergonomics assessments thinking it was a GIANT cake walk. It wasn't until I had a very RUDE awakening on my very first assessment that I realized that everything was going to be a challenge. 

...Don't let this be YOU. 

Not only does trying to figure out ergonomics by yourself lead to much more time to complete assessments and reports BUT it leaves you vulnerable to make mistakes. 

...These mistakes may cause problems, pain, and even injury!

I repeat, don't let this be you. A mentor to show you the exact steps can allow you to avoid and side-step this!

Important Note: It matters to me that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you and your business...which is why I’m offering a 30-day, no questions asked, money back GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, just shoot me an email ([email protected]) requesting a full, immediate refund.

Enroll in the Ergonomic Blueprint!


BONUS #1: Remote Ergonomics Course ($497 value)

  • Discover how to leverage your office ergonomic foundation with virtual ergonomic assessments.

  • This includes a real virtual assessment and report, the exact tools to use, high-level strategy on how to structure your remote ergonomic services, and a roundtable of your peers already doing virtual ergonomic assessments describing what works and what doesn't.

  • This all allows you to efficiently and effectively apply the foundation and get started as soon as possible helping clients remotely. The complete process is shared!

BONUS #2:Analysis and Solution Cheatsheet (SWIPE file) ($450 value)

  • You'll have access to a 30-page Ergonomic-Analysis & Solution Cheatsheet.
  • Copy & paste exact ergonomic analysis & solution phrasing directly to your report, based on the risks you've identified in the assessment, saving your hours of work for each report you do!!

BONUS #3: Training Template ($347 value)

  • There are a variety of ways to serve your clients by having a strong foundation with one-to-one ergonomics assessments. In this exclusive bonus you'll get a Training Template presentation. You can use this as a deliverable that you can offer to your clients, immediately!

  • With this, you'll save hours and hours of development time and have professional graphics to share with your clients!

Bonus #4: Chair Selection Masterclass ($197 value)

  • A complete and thorough walk through of how to recommend a chair, including low-moderate-high price examples, the trade-off between cost and effectiveness, etc. 

  • This eliminates the confusion and hesitation when you're recommending chairs to clients! 

BONUS #5:"Answer Those Tough Standing Desk Questions" eBook! ($97 value)

  • I give you a highly-detailed resource that allows you to answer those tough questions about standing desks.

  • You'll be able to answer questions related to the setup, duration of safe standing, schedules, and compliance.

  • Talk to both clients and Human Resources about standing desks, how to use them safely, as well as bigger picture compliance and budgeting concerns.

BONUS #6: International Standards Comparison ($97 value)

  • Easily compare & choose relevant ergonomic criteria for your country, impacts how you analyze risk and legitimacy of your assessment.
  • United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Hong Kong standards. 

PLUS: CEU Eligibility

  • It's recommend that you do your due diligence prior to determine if the Ergonomic Blueprint is aligned with your Professional College however, all the information is supplied for self-submission. If you require any additional information for submission, we will certainly help! 


...the only experience that you have in ergonomics is a course you did in your graduate degree!

...even if the last time you did an ergonomic assessment was over 15 years ago and you've completely forgotten EVERYTHING!

...even if you've never took any official course or education before in ergonomics! 


I BELIEVE that there is so much opportunity for Office Ergonomic Assessments, Trainings, and Consultations just by learning how to do simple one-to-one Ergonomic Assessments. 

The only way to do this is from working SMARTER (not harder!) and with a mentor who can help you guide you!

...plus you'll learn how to do a VIRTUAL/REMOTE assessment so you can help your clients wherever they're working (even if they are working from home!)

So, you might be wondering... WHO IS THIS PROGRAM FOR???

  • For Healthcare and Rehab Professionals or those who have a very strong desire to 'do the work' to be a success!
  • You already have an understanding of anatomy, physiology, and injury causation.
  • You may even have had clients already asking you to help them with their office (or work from home) set-up! 
  • You've already identified the opportunity with clients and/or larger companies for ergonomic services. 
  • You've been looking for another way to serve clients for some time to further their experience, wellness, and health... not to mention another revenue source! 
  • Remember, there's no experience in ergonomics necessary, I show you EVERYTHING!

OK. Just to be sure and that we're on the same page, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • Not for those with NO background in health, wellness, or safety.
  • Not ready for the commitment OR to step outside of their comfort zones.
  • Satisfied with their career and NOT looking for other opportunities to get more clients or revenue.
  • New to anatomy, physiology, and injury causation (never taken a university-level course about this before). 


Here's how you can get started today!

Join Today just one Payment of $997



-The 6 module core content PLUS the 7 Bonuses and CEU Eligibility!

-Includes the 7 incredible bonuses valued at over $1,300!


Join Today just Four Payments of $297



-The 6 module core content PLUS the 7 Bonuses and CEU Eligibility!

-Includes the 7 incredible bonuses valued at over $1,300!


Frequently Asked Questions

You as well as me know that everyone’s needs are different but you should know that I will give you the exact steps to do effective office ergonomics assessments in with ALL the tools, strategies, and templates that you need.

This course is right for you if:

  • You’re already doing ergonomics assessments in the office but you want the exact ergonomic measurement criteria, a tool to measure that risk, and some help with writing reports.
  • Your clients have asked you to take a look at their office workstation setup before but you’ve kinda brushed them off because you weren’t totally sure on how to do an ergonomic assessment in the office.
  • You’ve heard a bit about office ergonomics or maybe you’ve even taken an office ergonomic assessment course before – whether in school or from professional development, but life got in the way and you can now only vaguely remember how to do ergonomics assessments.
  • You’ve tried doing ergonomic assessments by yourself in the past, but they didn’t go so well for some reason.
  • You’re not quite in the role to do ergonomic assessments but you project to be doing this as a consultant or even managing your workplace’s office ergonomic program in the near future.
  • You’ve been ‘voluntold’ to be responsible for the ergonomics in your workplace; you could be a Human Resources expert or in some sort of Administration role. This shows that your company needs and sees the value of someone internally doing ergonomics assessments (which is exactly what I teach). You would like to start but you just don’t have the tools or experience to know if what you are doing is right.
  • You have a positive attitude and you are ready to implement the step-by-step process from this course!

This course is NOT for:

  • Someone looking to improve their OWN personal workstation setup. I have information throughout my website (and even a do-it-yourself training course) that can give valuable information how to optimize setup and reduce ergonomic risks. While this course would technically help anyone, it goes into far too much in depth to be used for someone looking at their own workstation.
  • Someone looking for workstation stretches. We don’t cover ANY of this.
  • Someone looking to get results without doing the work. In this course I give the exact (simple) strategy to do office ergonomic assessments but you must commit to get these results. If you can’t make the time (either your workplace’s time or your personal time) it probably isn’t the best fit to purchase this course right now.

While many workplaces will have some money ‘set-aside’ for ergonomics since it’s included (albeit sometimes passively) in many jurisdictions’ Health and Safety Laws, having a direct budget for ergonomics is not a necessity. It shouldn’t hold you back from this course because firstly this course focusses on simple adjustments to change the workstation to reduce ergonomic risk factors (no cost) before even thinking about buying any new and fancy equipment (like new keyboards, chairs, or standing desks). Secondly, when you consider the pricey cost of just one Worker’s Compensation claim the Ergonomics Blueprint is a really valuable resource. Let’s quickly look at some numbers: a simple hand strain that is a result of someone’s office set-up can cost upwards of thousands of dollars just in direct worker’s compensation fees (trust me I used to manage cases like this in a past job) can be very costly not only in direct injury costs but in the indirect costs too – think about staffing needs, and some of the more intangible costs like injured staff upset that their workplace didn’t act sooner when their warning signs were being presented. 😟The sad thing is that I see this all the time…

Let’s go over exactly what you’re gonna get:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Access to all modules immediately
  • CEU Eligibility!
  • How to do a FULL office ergonomic assessment, with the full office ergonomic assessment report template (PDF and word documents) and tools (the ergonomicsHelp assessment tool and Discomfort Survey)
  • Virtual / Remote Ergonomic Assessment Course. 
  • Private Community with monthly coaching and Q&A with me (Darcie Jaremey MSc CPE) to answer all your ergonomic questions and get you on track! 
  • Ergonomics standards and criteria so you can pin-point where ergonomic risk is (and therefore what needs to be changed)
  • The time saving strategy so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel for Every. Single. New. Assessment. Avoid burn-out like the black plague.
  • Training Powerpoint template (slide deck!)
  • Chair Selection Masterclass so you can avoid all the hesitation and confusion about office chairs!
  • How to make sure you are recommending ONLY the necessary equipment for your client. I give you TONS of examples of how to pin-point if adjusting the workstation or purchasing equipment would work the best based on your client’s workstation and their pain. I also give you 2 eBooks to help with this: ultimate chair adjustment guide and chair purchasing guideline.


Over the years I’ve pieced together key insights and processes. I share the exact same step-by-step process to do an ergonomics assessment and I share a framework to help you find the RIGHT solutions to ergonomic problems.

One of my past clients, David S. says: ‘You’ve saved me a lot of time. I’d recommend this course to anyone who have ever thought about adding office ergonomics assessments to their services, but never had the time to learn how the process to do it before.’


Heck I even give you the exact phrases that I’ve used for years (bonus SWIPE copy), to write ergonomic analyses and write reports for like 99.999% of situations that you’ll see in the office. This is a MAJOR time savings and quite frankly is worth the value of this course, hands-down (I’m only a little biased ☺️)

This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. I'm very confident that you'll be satisfied with the EBP! If you're not satisfied just email me at [email protected]

There isn't!

However the type of individuals that I  attract tend to have some understanding of health, anatomy, and physiology in their background. You’ll need that to understand these to grasp the material; either you already have a degree in a health related field, taken some classes before OR you are an independent learner that has sought out this information.

Yes, the EBP IS eligible for 1.2 CEUs. You should be able to submit for individual credit but it is important for you to contact your state/provincial licensing board or professional credentialing board for information regarding policies and the amount of continuing education credits allowed for online courses. We have submission documents to help you with this process (and if not, we can develop whatever you need)!! 

If you are interested in obtaining certification, ergonomicsHelp can certainly help.

The first step in this process is to successful pass the Ergonomics Blueprint by completing the course modules and obtain an 80% on each quiz. 

After successful completion of The Ergonomics Blueprint, you'll have the choice to invest in the Office Ergonomics Assessor Certification. To do so will require PROVEN application of the ergonomics process in real-world scenarios by submitting 2 completed (redacted) reports for review. 

If you are interested in this certification there is an option to invest in this after purchase of the EBP!


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