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The Ergonomics Blueprint

This program teaches you how to do high quality ergonomics assessments in the office with thorough literature to support you on your ergonomics journey.

To do this, we offer you a fully detailed, 6-module video program that immerses you into the world of office ergonomics. It was developed by a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist (BCPE) and based on rigorous international standards and practice with a meticulous attention to detail. The result of this is an in-depth office ergonomic program.


What You'll Learn

  • The common types of musculoskeletal injuries and how they develop
  • The signs, symptoms & warning signs of musculoskeletal injuries and discomfort
  • The entire step-by-step blueprint for doing a thorough office ergonomic assessment including:
    • How to exactly use an ergonomics tool (we give you one to use)
    • How to recognize the main & secondary ergonomic risk factors
    • How to do a root cause analysis
    • How to ‘put it all together’ and make ergonomic adjustments based on what’s in the workstation, instead of jumping to costly solutions first


Ergonomic Criteria

We pride ourselves on providing the correct ergonomic criteria so you can make only the required recommendations to your client. We offer you a selection based on what country you are in or what standard you choose to use.

Get to the Cause of Discomfort

Our method is based on ‘high-value/low cost’ recommendations, meaning we teach a process to get to the root of ergonomic challenges, not just dealing with your client’s symptoms.

Report Templates, Surveys

We want to make sure that you have the exact tools to do ergonomic assessments after you complete this course. So, we give you the Discomfort Survey and an Ergonomic Report Template along with how to exactly use these both.

Swipe Copy

With the purchase of this course you have access to a 30-page swipe copy, where you can easily choose ‘pre-made’ analyses and solutions to make completing office ergonomic reports feel like a breeze. To do this, we give you the most common identified work scenarios and their associated ergonomic risks and discomfort. On top of this we give you our tried-and-tested ergonomic solutions to the most common identified ergonomic risks in the office. We also provide you examples of products that meet the specifications.

Expert Review of Reports

When you are just getting started doing office ergonomic assessments sometimes you just need a ‘second set of eyes’ to review your reports to make sure you are on the right path. So, we review 2 office ergonomic reports that you complete within the first 3 months after you finish the course modules. We then offer you specific coaching to solve any challenges that you may have with the ergonomics process.

Private Facebook Community

You’ll get exclusive access to the private ergonomicsHelp facebook group.

Confirm Learning

There are 6 quizzes (1 quiz per module with approximately 15 questions/module) to be completed to ensure that you have digested the course material. To pass an 80% score is required.


After completing the course, 6 quizzes, and submitting 2 full office ergonomic reports, you are eligible for Certification.

"This course takes you from a health care professional to a professional ergonomist, able to provide detailed analysis, ideas, and reports to assist in every office situation. Not only does it include the Tool and complete training on how to conduct an ergonomics assessment BUT you also get a 30 page swipe file to help with report writing! "

Dr. Amy Konavalin
President at Physical Therapy for everyBODY

"The ErgonomicsHelp course was great for me to take after my kinesiology degree and get the support needed to bring my office ergonomics skills to the next level! The ergonomic report templates, mentorship, SWIPE copy and discomfort surveys were awesome and totally useful!!"

Camille Fraser BScK(hon)

The Course Modules:

Intro to ergonomics

Recognizing ergonomic risk

Ergonomic assessment process

Ergonomics assessment tool

Finding the right solution

Practical approaches to common challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

You as well as me know that everyone’s needs are different but you should know that I will give you the exact steps to do effective office ergonomics assessments in with ALL the tools, strategies, and templates that you need.

This course is right for you if:

  • You’re already doing ergonomics assessments in the office but you want the exact ergonomic measurement criteria, a tool to measure that risk, and some help with writing reports.
  • Your clients have asked you to take a look at their office workstation setup before but you’ve kinda brushed them off because you weren’t totally sure on how to do an ergonomic assessment in the office.
  • You’ve heard a bit about office ergonomics or maybe you’ve even taken an office ergonomic assessment course before – whether in school or from professional development, but life got in the way and you can now only vaguely remember how to do ergonomics assessments.
  • You’ve tried doing ergonomic assessments by yourself in the past, but they didn’t go so well for some reason.
  • You’re not quite in the role to do ergonomic assessments but you project to be doing this as a consultant or even managing your workplace’s office ergonomic program in the near future.
  • You’ve been ‘voluntold’ to be responsible for the ergonomics in your workplace; you could be a Human Resources expert or in some sort of Administration role. This shows that your company needs and sees the value of someone internally doing ergonomics assessments (which is exactly what I teach). You would like to start but you just don’t have the tools or experience to know if what you are doing is right.
  • You have a positive attitude and you are ready to implement the step-by-step process from this course!

This course is NOT for:

  • Someone looking to improve their OWN personal workstation setup. I have information throughout my website (and even a do-it-yourself training course) that can give valuable information how to optimize setup and reduce ergonomic risks. While this course would technically help anyone, it goes into far too much in depth to be used for someone looking at their own workstation.
  • Someone looking for workstation stretches. We don’t cover ANY of this.
  • Someone looking to get results without doing the work. In this course I give the exact (simple) strategy to do office ergonomic assessments but you must commit to get these results. If you can’t make the time (either your workplace’s time or your personal time) it probably isn’t the best fit to purchase this course right now.

While many workplaces will have some money ‘set-aside’ for ergonomics since it’s included (albeit sometimes passively) in many jurisdictions’ Health and Safety Laws, having a direct budget for ergonomics is not a necessity. It shouldn’t hold you back from this course because firstly this course focusses on simple adjustments to change the workstation to reduce ergonomic risk factors (no cost) before even thinking about buying any new and fancy equipment (like new keyboards, chairs, or standing desks). Secondly, when you consider the pricey cost of just one Worker’s Compensation claim the Ergonomics Blueprint is a really valuable resource. Let’s quickly look at some numbers: a simple hand strain that is a result of someone’s office set-up can cost upwards of thousands of dollars just in direct worker’s compensation fees (trust me I used to manage cases like this in a past job) can be very costly not only in direct injury costs but in the indirect costs too – think about staffing needs, and some of the more intangible costs like injured staff upset that their workplace didn’t act sooner when their warning signs were being presented. 😟The sad thing is that I see this all the time…

First you’ll need to make a username and password to purchase the course. After you buy it, use the SAME username/password to access the course. You’ll get a complete step-by-step guide on how to access the course after you buy it!

Let’s go over exactly what you’re gonna get:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Access to all modules immediately
  • How to do a FULL office ergonomic assessment, with the full office ergonomic assessment report template (PDF and word documents) and tools (the ergonomicsHelp assessment tool and Discomfort Survey)
  • Ergonomics standards and criteria so you can pin-point where ergonomic risk is (and therefore what needs to be changed)
  • The time saving strategy so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel for Every. Single. New. Assessment. Avoid burn-out like the black plague
  • How to make sure you are recommending ONLY the necessary equipment for your client. I give you TONS of examples of how to pin-point if adjusting the workstation or purchasing equipment would work the best based on your client’s workstation and their pain. I also give you 2 eBooks to help with this: ultimate chair adjustment guide and chair purchasing guideline.
  • Exactly what needs to be included in an Ergonomics Report plus expert review and coaching (by yours truly 😉) of your first 2 reports
  • After completing the 6 modules, 6 quizzes and successfully completing 2 office ergonomic reports, you are certificated by us to do office ergonomics assessments.
  • You can put this on your resume or LinkedIn profile, and we’ll list all our certificants on our website so potential clients can FIND you.


Over the years I’ve pieced together key insights and processes. I share the exact same step-by-step process to do an ergonomics assessment and I share a framework to help you find the RIGHT solutions to ergonomic problems.

One of my past clients, David S. says: ‘You’ve saved me a lot of time. I’d recommend this course to anyone who have ever thought about adding office ergonomics assessments to their services, but never had the time to learn how the process to do it before.’

ABSOLUTELY. Heck I even give you the exact phrases that I’ve used for years (bonus SWIPE copy), to write ergonomic analyses and write reports for like 99.999% of situations that you’ll see in the office. This is a MAJOR time savings and quite frankly is worth the value of this course, hands-down (I’m only a little biased ☺️)

I am so confident in this course I will offer a full refund within 14 days if for some reason they find that there’s no value in this course.

There needs to be some understanding of health, anatomy, and physiology. You’ll need that to understand these to grasp the material; either you already have a degree in a health related field, taken some classes before OR you are an independent learner that has sought out this information.

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