Master Your Ergonomics

Online video training that teaches you to set up your office workstation using our step-by-step, easy-to-understand ergonomic strategy.


This clip was taken from the actual 24 minute training video.


The Silent Toll On Your People & Profit.

You run a busy business, you work hard to attract and keep the best employees. Heck, you even go the extra mile to make work really fun! But something doesn't quite seem right lately. You've noticed that some of your employees are not as engaged as they once were. You've even been hearing whispers that your most talented have started looking elsewhere for other jobs. You are in shock that this could happen - you've invested SO MUCH in them... but have you really?


HOW employees get their work done is just as important as what they are working on.

ERGONOMICS is best described as the FIT between people and the equipment they need to get work done.

If ignored, a poor ergonomic setup can be the catalyst to not only Pain & Workers' Compensation costs but also can lead to staff who lack initiative, enthusiasm and are distracted and complain while at work.

Master Your Ergonomics provides students with the knowledge and plan to apply ergonomics strategies to the arrangement of their work environment.


As the saying goes: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We give you our easy-to-understand strategy that teaches you EXACTLY how to adjust your computer workstation to fit you based on the exact equipment you already own (no need to buy fancy new equipment).


Proper office ergonomics reduces the incidence of workplace injury and all the direct and indirect costs that go into managing this. This translates into reduced insurance claims, reduced treatment costs, reduced productivity loss... and at the end of the day this means having a more profitable business!


It's no secret that effective ergonomics programs helps to attract & retain the best employees. In fact, research has indicated that by up-leveling workstation ergonomics, improvements can be observed in: turnover, morale, time lost due to medical visits, productivity, work quality, and absenteeism. 

A Different Approach to Training

Computer based training in often boring, dry and is dreaded by employees. This training is far from that. The video is composed of music,  visuals, and animated demonstrations to keep learners engaged and entertained throughout the training.

Expert Advice

Darcie Jaremey BScK, MSc, is a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist and developed this training based on her experience doing ergonomic assessments for more than a decade. By leveraging this, Darcie found that for the vast majority of cases she consulted on, significant improvement was generated simply by adjusting the equipment that the employee ALREADY had. No bells. No whistles. Nothing fancy. This training is about adjusting what you already have to fit you instead of buying anything new. Darcie shares her secret step-by-step strategy of how to exactly adjust the workstation to fit you! You can get started today! 

"After the training video I found out that my monitor, chair, and keyboard needs to be adjusted. There were great tips in the training video and I made all the adjustments myself. Absolutely I would recommend this training!"

"The changes I made after the training video were that the seat and back support went up, monitors moved closer, need footrest, need to possibly remove armrests. After the video I now know what to pay attention to and how to make changes. I would recommend this training because I though it was very helpful to make me more aware of how I should be sitting."

"I changed the tilt of my monitor and adjusted my chair after the video. I ABSOLUTELY know what to do to change my workstation - the video was very detailed and informative! I would definitely recommend this, it's easy to follow and allows you to do it yourself and at minimal cost!"

"I changed my mouse to the left along with my seat position and monitor height. The video gave me many ideas for things to adjust. Everyone should have access to this video. Future health promotion is important for everyone. "

"This training allows others to make adjustments to their workstation that may not have access to an ergonomist at their place of employment!"

"I would recommend this training video. It was very informative! "

"After watching the video I realized that my monitors were completely too high! I lowered them after I watched the video and it immediately feels better to me. "

"I was so surprised by how many great tips were packed into Darcie's video on setting up my office properly. I have had pain in my neck for so long that I was beginning to believe that this was my new normal. I only had to make a few small tweaks and have already noticed a huge difference in my pain level. Thank you Darcie- I am so very glad I found you!!"

Tracie Hodgson

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Have you had it was aches and pains in the office? Frustrated with trying to figure it out yourself? For an investment of just $16.99 you can get started towards optimizing your setup (and reducing your aches and pains) today!

* Remember, no matter how many ergonomics modifications are made, there is no guarantee that cumulative trauma disorders will not occur. There are many other factors besides workstation design that contribute to the occurrence of these disorders.

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