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In this FREE *Exclusive* Training Series you'll get tricks, tips, hacks; everything you'll need to start your own side-hustle as an Ergonomics Consultant... even if you've never done an assessment before! Training Starts Sept 20th!

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What is included?

This 3-Part LIVE Training Series program is designed to share the MOST IMPORTANT (yet often not shared in FREE video series) parts to getting started & traction with ergonomics assessments so that you can generate revenue in as least time as possible. With the guided support you'll leave this event with a clear set of steps to get where you need to be!

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  • Training #1, September 20th:
    • How to make sure that you're making the RIGHT recommendations to your clients.
    • Discover this hidden secret for improved reputation, improved consultations, and charging more!
    • You'll learn a process that works every time and is absolutely essential to doing quality ergonomic assessments, and ensuring that the solutions you recommend - aka those standing desks - are backed up by facts! 
  • Training #2, September 22nd:
    • How to leverage your customer journey and position your ergonomics services for long-term clients.
    • I'll be sharing how to position your services so that it shifts from a "one and done" to a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with your clients. 
  • Training #3, September 24th:
    • The proven strategy to get leads to your business... even while your sleep! 
    • I'll show you how to build a list of warm leads to your services

About your host

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Darcie Jaremey MSc CPE will be guiding you through this training series. For the past 15 years Darcie has leveraged her expertise to help organizations enhance their operations via effective ergonomics programs. Darcie's passion is sharing her hard-earned tips, tricks and expertise with other Healthcare Professionals so that they can deliver excellent ergonomic services AND have a full client list.